Battle to Be the Best

  • KeithButcher - 2 years ago

    David , I am definitely turned on to your stories....The more intense the better...

  • KeithButcher - 2 years ago

    Although a tough , wiry, brawler , Vicious was lucky Bodywrecker didn't beat him to a pulp and mop up the floor with what was left!!

  • Bard - 4 years ago

    The pleasure it truly mine! Thanks so much for finding your groove with these matches.

  • David Walker - 4 years ago

    [private message to wrestlebard]
    hey, fella. i have the feeling i'm providing free porn to the masses. i like that. in truth, this has been like years ago in English Comp. the prof would give us a topic and we had to write about it NOW. these are certainly topics that never came up (a small christian college for small christians), but these matches, and especially with the heels, are the best writing prompts anyone ever gave me. thank you.
    after you post my stuff here, i re-post on scaffies (i assume you know the site). the guys like their stories rough, so while i am writing from your challenges, i get feedback from the ballbusters. i have a wall decorated by rejection letters for my other short stories and novels, but, i feel i've found my niche. thank you from the tip of my very willing cock to the bottom of my frequently dry and sore balls. -- David Walker

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