Is the new government on the right track with its spending cuts?

Posted 3 months.


  • Davide Jones - 2 months ago

    Elected crooks Siphoning government money into private pockets is treason against the Mexican people! Mexico has been victimized, looted & robbed by the same people they have elected for too long. AMLO is putting resources & decisions back into the hands of the people!

  • Juan Diaz - 2 months ago

    YES!!! It,s time to stop the criminals prianrd rats !! For so many years they corrupted the system and now they (Salinists . and family, the Callistas and rest of the so many thieves leaving a Nation poorer and suffering because this rats !!. It's time to cut the pri colors that is unconstitutional !!! The prianrd must go to jail ! !.

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