Who Would You Vote for in the Texas Senate Race? Cruz or O'Rourke?


  • ronald - 4 years ago

    im a 25 yr old smurf and YEET

  • Nora lloyd - 4 years ago

    Beto is an irishman,pretending to be Latino! He is a Faker! Go Cruz!

  • Montatriot - 4 years ago

    Even Beto, using that name is a fraud. Everything about him is fabricated and he’ll reverse his themes if he’s elected. He’s a dyed in the wool, radical leftist/progressive. Progressive,what a joke. Trump has reduced unemployment for blacks and Hispanics to the lowest in history... Obama didn’t do one damn thing for either. Trump, if you’d read the news, just brought wages up to the highest in ten years. Everyone that works, got a tax break. Small and large businesses are expanding with the reduced and phony Obama regulations. Businesses are coming back to the US and Trump is putting China in its place. He hates the police, wants open borders and wants illegals to br able to vote. He wants the illegal votes, to suck away influence from real citizens and Texans. Hey Paul, you might be an old white Texan, but you’re a blind idiot. I’m a big ol’ White Boy too, except I see Robert, not Beto, for the phony he’s a;ways been. A vote for Beto, or what ever his real name is, will kill everything good that is happening under Trump. So Paul, most of us learn something by the time we get old? Apparently, you’re still having the wool pulled over your eyes by amateurs and film flam artists. Beto is “yankin’ your Franklin.’

  • clarissa perez - 4 years ago

    I am a 51 yr old nurse. by heart no by profession. To be a nurse you must have compassion and a heart. Don't complain if you are not going to do nothing different, To vote for the same person is to continue the same problem. To vote for a man who does not know how to stand for his own family, after Trump talk about his wife in such an ugly way, and now that he wants votes Cruz prefers to ignore everything that happened during the presidential elections. (Hypocrisy). He does not defend his Family and you think he's going to do something for you. Your problem is not the illegals people, as a nurse I can tell you that there are many American citizens abusing the system the same and worse than the illegal people. if you were the one who helped give him his position .(Ignorance)

  • Cecelia Chavez Monge - 4 years ago

    I am a 74 yr old Hispanic/American Indian female. I still work as a nurse. I have to. Every year in my area more and more school buses are busing illegal children to schools my (property) taxes have built. Their mothers do not have to fix them breakfast or lunch because I pay for that too with my taxes. My property taxes have gone up every year I have been here - It is almost as bad as living in Arkansas when the Clintons were there and raised taxes on the poor people in a poor state 12 times! I had five children. My husband and I worked very hard to feed and cloth them - I always fixed their breakfast and lunches. We were poor. I made many of their clothes and toys. Yet we constantly give these illegals "free" things like health care I have to pay for. I had a nurse friend who worked for the school system as a school nurse. She called an illegal mother to ask her to take her daughter to a physician so she could get glasses in order to read. This same mother who spent hundreds of dollars on having her 6th grade daughter with dyed blonde hair and false nails. But wanted the "free" eye glasses provided by the school! When my friend said no she wanted to speak to someone who spoke Spanish. Incidently, when I went to Spain to work with physicians and nurses in Madrid, they are getting a bunch of illegals from South American too and they do not want them BUT they must learn ENGLISH in Spain! Why because as the world knows, English is the language of commerce and business. Just watch, Beto, when these college kids have to pay for their property you will lose them as voters. I hate the fact that a rich Irish American thinks he can capture the vote from "stupid" Hispanics because he has a Hispanic first name. Just like that idiot in Boston - another wealthy American who thinks he just has to say "luchamos para usted" to a bunch of Hispanics and they will hook another fish. The Democrats have hooked their star to illegals while Hispanics like myself whose father and uncles fought in WWII and whose classmates and brothers and cousins fought in VN and whose daughters and sons fought in Bosnia and Iraq and who have been in this country for a hundred years prior to statehood are forgotten. Many of my friends and classmates who are Hispanic are working for ICE - they have brothers, sisters, wives, mothers, fathers, cousins who also vote. Are you people insane?

  • Rosa Salinas - 4 years ago

    I am a 20 year old Hispanic female and will be voting for Rafael Cruz. Robert O'Rourke has proven to be morally bankrupt throughout his life. He is clearly a puppet of the far left.

  • Slingshot - 4 years ago

    The left has become an oppressive majority. I won't vote Dem again until they stop oppressing political minorities...

  • Alexander Scianna - 4 years ago

    We need to vote out all Trump Republicans. Beto is a real person Cruz is a phoney man who has no interest in real people. Vote him out!

  • Edward - 4 years ago

    I am a pediatrician,who in their good conscious gives up 100 billion dollars for children’s health insurance? Lying selve serving Ted Cruz that’s who. I can only imagine what good that insurance money, would of made by investing in YOUNG FUTURES. Like one of our famous founding fathers once quoted “one once of prevention equals a pound of cure”. If you think about it should be true conservative motto, aka more bang for your buck.

  • Edward - 4 years ago

    I just don’t like Cruz voted

  • Susan - 4 years ago

    Obviously these are not Texas voters. No way Beto will win!

  • Kenney Gaines - 4 years ago

    God is going to get tired of rich people taking from the poor and giving to the rich and these wolves in sheep clothing fooling poor dumb people

  • Louise Strauss - 4 years ago

    If you want to lose all that has been gained, pay higher taxes, tax companies so that jobs are lost, reinstate the death tax of 50% so parents cannot ;eave property to children who can’t afford the tax, reinstate regulations that closed numerous businesses and industries, 8 million more on food stamps, higher unemployment in all segments of our citizens, etc. then vote Dem. and wait for the return to a depression.
    You have to live in a bubble to not see all that has been accomplished for the good of country and citizens in less than 2 years. Wake up and don’t send us back to false government that does nothing for us.

  • Dee - 4 years ago

    For the sake of my students, my grandkids, my state and country, I will be voting Beto. Take a knee to pray we get our country back this fall. Americans for America——vote Beto.

  • PaulM - 4 years ago

    I'm an old. white Texan. I am voting for Beto and have contributed to his campaign.

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