Do you think San Jose should allow electric scooters at Viva CalleSJ?

  • Trung Nguyen - 2 years ago

    To the ignorant person that says no scooters because sidewalks are for walking... Viva Calle SJ opens up the STREETS.

    I agree, scooters should not be on the sidewalks.. but tell that to the people riding them on the sidewalks, and to even the more countless people who ride their bicycles on sidewalks as well.

  • No scooters - 2 years ago

    Sidewalks are for WALKING

  • Trung Nguyen - 2 years ago

    I have slightly mixed feelings due to the countless rude and careless people who rent those scooters and ride them unsafely. As pointed out though, bicyclists can ride much faster and they are allowed. I also own my own personal electric scooter and follow applicable laws, riding them just like I would a bicycle. I wear a helmet and ride in the bike lane.

    As mentioned in the article, the spirit of the event includes opening up the streets. While I believe that they should be allowed, enforcing safe riding practices is the difficult part. Though that also needs to apply to non-motorized vehicles like bicycles as well. I feel like people are going to disregard such rules anyway unless enough enforcement is made.

    Out of respect for the city, I will leave my scooter behind, but it would be great if there was a way to create a better infrastructure to allow such other alternative modes of transportation to not be frowned upon because of how certain people ride. People who follow the law should not be punished because of people who do not.

  • Joyce choi - 2 years ago

    No e-scooter, go green, no plastic bottles

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