What Model 3 key option do you prefer?

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  • Jeff Johnson - 1 year ago

    +1 phone/card....So much of my 'great' experience as a new M3 owner has been about simplification. No trips to gas station, no keys to find/carry/use and barely any brakes to apply. Key fob seems like a step backwards. I use my card if Im in and out of the car on errands and leave the phone inside. Tap car off, tap back in. In the mornings, my phone has at times been slow to 'wake', but in the less than handful of times that has occurred in the 5 mo. of ownership, I am usually willing to stand in awe of the car for the dozen or so seconds it takes for the car to recognize me. Fob is a nice third option, and if it makes more owners happy, it doesn't take anything away from my experience/function. Bring it!

  • MM - 1 year ago

    I love not having a FOB to carry around. Once I figured out I had to configure my phone to prevent it from putting the Tesla app to sleep, 100% perfect functionality. Now I have one less FOB to purchase/replace batteries for!

    Do you have to press a button on the fob to unlock the car if you don't have your phone on you? Or does it unlock automatically without having to press the FOB "unlock" button. Now that I wrote this, I'm wondering why someone would be going somewhere without their phone with them? I guess the fob is only a slightly more convenient way to pop the frunk.

  • Mike Trumble - 1 year ago

    Hmmm - Phone always works for me, although on a couple of occassions the car took a moment to "wake up." But then, I leave the app open on my phone all the time. I love the fact I don't have to have anything extra in my pockets. If it's free, I'll take it for back-up but wouldn't spend money on one.

  • Thom Moore - 1 year ago

    I don't need any stinkin' key fob. But I have no quibble with Tesla *selling* them to those who can't get along without an additional thing to carry around.

  • SL - 1 year ago

    The phone charging console is great, but makes it super easy to leave it behind when you exit. As videos have shown, anyone can then open and drive the car. Give me a fob any day. A purpose-built security device (fob) wins every time, especially when it's designed so car "knows" when it's outside the car vs. inside the car, like with a Prius.

  • R chen - 1 year ago

    Phone access does not work when it is on the battery saver. Either disable the battery saver or use the key card. I prefer to have the third option key fob.

  • Steve Medori - 1 year ago

    Phone entry almost be never works for me unless I manually reactivate Bluetooth connection each time I approach car. Bring on the fob!

  • Steve Medori - 1 year ago

    Phone entry almost be never works for me unless I manually reactivate Bluetooth connection each time I approach car. Bring on the fob!

  • SkagitDoug - 1 year ago

    They never should have released the car with an associated fob!

  • Rajeev Patel - 1 year ago

    Need all the 3 options

  • Mike Hoff - 1 year ago

    Phone access is obviously the best way to go if it works reliably. Unfortunately, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. And if it does work, it's only the driver side door, and I like to open my passenger door for any guests. So it can be a little bit annoying when the door won't open without pulling out the key card or playing with my phone. Finally, the frunk takes at least 4 phone clicks to open (unless done from the car's console), which is not ideal. So I begrudgingly vote for the key fob

  • Nick - 1 year ago

    the wife and I both own the model 3. We find the phone as a key to be quite irritating. Imagine having a hand full of items and not being able to get into your car until you relaunch the Tesla app on your phone. Very much so looking forward to a key fob option.

  • Doug - 1 year ago

    My bluetooth is terrible and I often drop the key card between the seats arg! Can't wait to get the fob. Thank you Elon :)

  • RV - 1 year ago

    Really like the phone and card combo. But it’s annoying to use the app to get to the frunk. A key fob would ease that, but am I willing to pay for that convenience, while losing others? Probably not

  • MK - 1 year ago

    I like the phone and card. I’ve never had to use the card after driving home from Tesla at delivery. I like having keycard in wallet for emergency if phone dies. But love not having keyfov in another pocket besides my phone.
    Key fob nice if you’re letting somebody borrow your car or if you drop off car at valet.

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