Do you consider Cincinnati to be more Northern or Southern?


  • Jack Holt - 3 years ago

    I’m originally from Nashville back when it wasn’t flooded with extreme outsiders. Cincinnati is more southern than Nashville of 2020 sad to say. Cincinnati is definitely more Southern than Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, and Houston. People here let me pass over whenever I need to change lanes. I let people over they give me the courtesy wave. Last but not least, whenever my dogs travel with me during drive thrus, the dogs most of the time get treats! Talk about Southern Hospitality! My opinion, Cincinnati has a mixture of both; more North than South 60/40 Ratio. Go to Chicago, you’ll be coming back to Cincy in no time!

  • Todd - 4 years ago

    The only thing southern about Cincinnati is it is located in Southern Ohio. What a bunch of nonsense!

  • Erik MacNeil - 4 years ago

    ????Cincy's is and always in Ohio NOT Kentucky! I know cuz I was born there!

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