How should the @goodlawproject defend its Electoral Commission win?

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Poll posted 1 year ago.


  • Christopher Whitmey - 8 months ago

    I voted A and have subscribed. But I feel a combination of A and B as you suggest. Nothing ventured nothing gained !

  • Ross Sargent - 1 year ago

    Given the serious damage that this flawed referendum will have on the economy Option A is the right course

  • Simon Pease - 1 year ago

    I understand the hesitancy about asking for further crowdfunding. I am happy to contribute, according to my means to do so. I think the case is important.

  • Liz Albert - 1 year ago

    Found it a difficult choice. Always would like to support fighting for the underlying principles, but personally I cannot commit to donating to every appeal. Pains me that the legal system so often boils down to who can most easily afford to use it. I wonder how the Electoral Commission, funded by public money, can afford to take the risk of appealing?

  • Ruth Rafferty - 1 year ago

    Personally I don't see the relevance of who is ultimately to blame for the law being broken, in terms of impact on Brexit. Whether Vote Leave knowingly broke the law or were acting "in good faith" based on bad advice from the Electoral Commission, the relevant factor is that the law was broken, the referendum was undemocratic, and the result should be voided.
    The relevant parties can fight amongst themselves as to who should get the blame for it. We should focus on the actual impact of the breach - the undemocratic referendum result.

  • Sasha Brookes (Dr) - 1 year ago

    Keep up this important work!

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