Was the punishment given to Bill Cosby Too Severe?


  • Allen Williams - 6 years ago

    I am 66 years old. I grew up as a kid, listening to the Bill Cosby albums he made, they were super funny! I saw him star in "I Spy" TV show in the 60's. I watched him being Mr. Huxtable, and the show always had high morals on every show. I saw him on numerous other show, or presentations, and he was always fantastic.
    I just find it hard to believe that this great man did what other women accused him of. And, succeeded in getting him stripped and tore down to now, this level of being in prison like he is.
    My question is, why all you women, did you take so long to bring these charges and accusations against him? You wait till he is 80 years old and the things you accuse him of happened over 30-40 years ago. You women should have spoke up when it happened. There were laws in place then to protect you as they always have. No, you jumped on the band wagon as other politician and actors were prosecuted for things that happened decades ago. I saw all of you on the news today, and you all had quivering lips while talking saying you were so glad he got the punishment he deserves. I don't feel sorry for anyone of you, especially the one that just smiled, the first woman. She didn't say anything. I bet you a dollar to a nickel you have all filed for personal suit, for money to clean Mr. Cosby out! Such a shame on you. Mr. Cosby has inspired so many of us Americans to morals about life over decades. I am white but I am an avid supporter of Mr. Cosby in all he has done in my life, he has showed me a lot of good things to do, with his show, presentations etc. After all, he is 81 years of age, very decerped, legally blind, and you want to do this to him. He is already on borrowed time, according to the Bible and our Lord.
    All I can say, is that you should have come forward at the time these thing happened. It is by your default for reporting after 30-40 years, that us Mr. Cosby supporters don't care for you, and we us Cosby Lovers, HATE YOU!
    He won't last a year in that prison, or where they transfer him. YOU JUST KILLED ONE OF THE BEST ACTORS AND ENTERTAINERS, WE HAVE EVER KNOWN. I hope you are proud of yourself. And you need to take what you did up with the LORD. He will tell you the truth.
    You, all that did this, just killed a great person for all of us. I hope you are proud of yourselves. You will answer for it.
    Nuff Said, Have a nice day!

  • James Washington - 6 years ago

    RICH people put up with so much...

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