What are your top 3 features of iOS 12?

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  • Mike B - 2 years ago

    I would like Screen Time a lot more if you could do these two things:
    1) Set time for school nights vs. weekend nights.
    2) Add the Alarm app to the 'Allowed Apps' list.

    How do we expect kids to wake up if they can't use their alarms?!

  • Kathy - 2 years ago

    It sucks. Now I have to drive to another city to go to an Apple store for them to fix my emails. Not getting any on my iPad.

  • Obryan - 2 years ago

    You can FaceTime with a group of people at one time

  • Giles T Jackson - 2 years ago

    I have not seen the performance improvements at all and as much as I like the ability to use Google Maps and Waze in Carplay (Waze not used yet), Google Maps absolutely clobbers the phone. It seems ok for shorter trips (I like the traffic info) but for longer trips - I make 4, at least 1 hour drives on weekends - the phone (battery? processor?) is roasting by the time I arrive, the charger seems unable to keep up with demand, so despite being on charge the battery discharges during the trip and the phone is practically frozen at the end of the journey and although with perseverance I can close down apps, it's easier and quicker to reboot the phone. Don't know if it's a Google Maps, iOS or both problem, but Carplay in general has always seemed to be hard on the phone.

  • Richard - 2 years ago

    I reckon it is H for Horrible. It has ruined my keyboard made my iPad Pro a pain to use. I’d love to delete the upgrade. To me it’s a downgrade.

  • Ted Healy - 2 years ago

    Love that ios12 has breathed new life into my trusty old iPad Air ????????

  • Stephen Ingraham - 2 years ago

    The revamped Photo app...import function. Loading thurmbnails is way faster! Images are sorted by date...which is huge if working with large cards. You can now view an image at full screen by long pressing the image...and you can scroll through the full screen images to select. This makes Photo Import really the best way now to get photos from your card into the iPad. :)

  • Philipp - 2 years ago

    The new do not disturb mode

  • Enderman - 2 years ago

    Update: iOS 12.1 (beta) is now here.

  • Jon - 2 years ago

    I like the trackpad feature on the keyboard--so much so, I turned off Gboard, because it doesn't have it.

  • Kevin W - 2 years ago

    AppleTV remote in Control Center

  • Sue - 2 years ago

    I like that you can add names to people in your photos and see all the photos each person is in .

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    Waze on CarPlay

  • Rich MacDonald - 2 years ago

    AirPods resume playing when just one AirPod is put in ear. For podcasts and audio books, I often prefer to use only one AirPod, and this makes it much easier.
    AirPods are also more functional now with Siri Shortcufs. Can start Castro podcast playback, Voice Dream text to speech reading lists, Voice memo recording, Drafts dictation, etc. with phone in pocket or charging stand downstairs.

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