Should California adopt daylight saving time all year long?

  • anonymous - 2 years ago

    Sunsets before 5pm are awful. People get home from work in the dark, and there is no time to do anything in the daylight after work or school. I do understand that there is the same amount of daylight no matter how we have our clocks and that it is just a matter of personal preference whether you want that sunlight in the morning or in the evening; however, the arguments about public health and safety which is threatened by switching the clocks are all too true, so we need to pick a time, either PST or PDT, to stay on all year round, and PDT seems to be the better option. PDT year round would allow people to spend time outside after work or school during daylight hours even in the winter months, which would keep people healthier. Also, think of the many sports leagues that have practices in the evening which would be hindered by staying on PST all year round. For example, I swim on a swim team, which practice at 5:00 pm, and during the winter months it is miserable getting in the pool when it is pitch black and freezing. Even my friend who does surf team in the mornings and likes standard time because then it's light when she surfs says she would rather be on daylight time year round. I also don't get why everyone is making such a big deal about how this would put California out of sync with neighboring states. After all, we share a boarder with Arizona too, and we'd be on the same time as them all year if we adopted year round daylight savings time!

  • Shannon - 2 years ago

    What a terrible idea, and even worse to put it to the voters, many of whom are proving themselves too selfish and/or stupid to understand how this would adversely affect us all.

  • Jason - 2 years ago

    Sunrise times after 8 AM are unreasonable and miserable. Keep DST where it belongs, on the high sides of the equinox (spring and summer).

  • Daniel - 2 years ago

    The mornings would be too dark and California would be an hour ahead of Nevada part of the year despite being further west

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