Is Gov. Rick Scott to blame for the worsening red tide?

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  • Dale Jones - 1 year ago

    Yes, Red tide is a natural phenomena. What's not natural is the fertilizers, septic run off and a warming ocean due to global warming. Why conservatives can't wrap their minds around those facts is telling.

    Several decades back, Republicans represented nearly halve of all researchers in all fields of science. In 2009, the last PEW survey found that number had fallen to 6%. When they do their next survey it's a good bet that number is even lower.

    We need to start employing more critical thinking is we have a hope of turning things around.

  • Dale Jones - 1 year ago

    Yes, Red tide is natural. But why some people can't wrap their minds around the fact that when you add fertilizer, septic water, and warmer ocean waters you get Red tide on steroids.

    Perhaps it's because Republicans, for the most part, no longer do science. Several decades ago Republicans represented nearly half of scientists in all fields of research. In 2009

  • james wright - 1 year ago

    Rick Scott exacerbates. Red tide is an algae. Algae are plants. Plants need fertilizer and sunshine to grow. Florida algae get lots of both, so it grows really well, as does blue green algae. Remove the fertilizer from stormwater run off and treated sewage and the algae gets less fertilizer. Don't remove the fertilizer and it keeps doing what it's doing. And, in the Gulf, that includes the Mississippi River.

    With respect to the east coast, blue green algae, don't blame the Corps of Engineers. Lake O is fertilizer enriched, and that's not their fault. Lake O is a Florida water and if Lake O is cleaned up then the coastal blue green algae problem will take care of itself.

    Don't blame Bill Nelson, this is a local problem not a national problem. Congress is not going to clean up Lake O.

    No, this is a Florida problem, which means this happened on Rick Scott watch. And Rick Scott exacerbated the problem by cutting environmental protection because, in his narrow mind, real Republicans don't like environmental protection.

  • Eric Markisen - 1 year ago

    Your own article states " Red tide occurs naturally and has been observed since the 1800s". No one is responsible for red tide nor can they stop it.

  • G Brown - 1 year ago

    Fake news!!!!
    Ask Bill Nelson what did he do in the last 40 yeas!
    Red Tide Becomes Political!!

  • Floridian - 1 year ago

    Obviously, Governor Scott did little to nothing toward reducing the threat of toxic algae bloom. He officially avoids referring to "climate change." The fact is, though, climate change will be exacerbating our environmental challenges. Ignoring science is not the way to address the environment. Likewise, the failure to do anything about curbing agricultural runoff is a failure to stem the red tide. The toxic algae bloom did not begin with Scott but its increase has occurred on his watch. The more it increases, the more he blames others.

  • No One - 1 year ago

    If people really think Rick Scott is the cause of red tide or the algae problem we really are a society of idiots. This has been an issue for decades but the news/social media are finally making an issue out of it. The ones to blame are the Army Corp of Eng. and Big Sugar for the problems with lake Okeechobee. As well as all of the do nothing politicians that have been in office for decades (Bill Nelson 40+ years) It'd be nice if the PB Post actually pointed the fingers at the responsible parties for once...

  • Paul - 1 year ago

    I have lived in Florida my whole life, I have heard about red tide long before I ever heard the name Rick Scott.

  • Ralph Bowman - 1 year ago

    From another posting by the PBPutz- "Despite decades of efforts". Scott has been in office for 7 years, the problem has been here since at least the '70's, that I remember. BE FAIR. Oh, sorry. I forgot who is writing.

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