How many games will Tom Wilson be suspended for?

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Posted 10 months.


  • Rachel - 9 months ago

    Even if he does get a double digit suspension, that is not a 100%guarantee that he changes...he will go right back to playing like the scum he is!!

  • John Lorence - 9 months ago

    I personally feel that Wilson should be suspended for 25 games. He has already been suspended or penalized for the same exact hits on numerous players his entire professional career. Unfortunately, he will most likely be suspended for 5 or less games and will continue to injure players with this reckless style of play. Hopefully, he doesn't ruin someone's career or worse yet destroy someone's life.

  • Kcavrak - 9 months ago

    Tom Wilson should be suspended indefinitely and never be allowed to return to the ice.

  • Bruce Mackenzie - 9 months ago

    He clearly hasn't got the message, maybe 30-40 games. Wait he still wouldn't stop, whole season would be fair, fine the team too 2 million they continue to give him a roster spot.

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