Which Canadian team do you think will make it to the NHL playoffs?

Posted 5 months.


  • J - 4 months ago

    Come on Canoe get your act together...based on your poll only one Canadian team can make the playoffs?

    Consider re-phasing the question like..."Which Canadian team will place first?, or which Canadian "teams" (plural) will make the NHL playoffs (and allow multiple choices)...also it might help to spell the names correctly...gotta say Canoe you really fumbled this one!

  • Deny - 4 months ago

    Bunch of bums forgot to put the Sens. Come on Canoe, you can do better.

  • Keaf - 4 months ago

    The Senators were defaulted to "none of the above" lol

  • upset - 4 months ago

    It's upsetting that the Senators aren't on this list.

  • Get Serious - 4 months ago


    And your average Canadian would know how to spell "Canucks".

  • Get Serious - 4 months ago

    It's outrageous that the Senators were left off the list. Did we learn nothing from the Golden Knights' run last year?

    Whoever created this poll is either ignorant, foolish, or a button-pusher.

  • Scott franks - 4 months ago

    too funny about the Sens

  • Brian - 4 months ago

    There are 7 Canadian teams, not 6. Whoever did this must not be from Canada because every Canadian knows all the teams.

  • Jay - 4 months ago

    Because the Ottawa Senators dont stand a chance

  • Emuguy - 4 months ago

    Why are the Ottawa Senators not part of this survey

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