What do you think is the most pressing issue in Surrey?

  • Roderick Louis - 3 years ago

    PART 2:


    All of Metro Vancouver’s residents & business owners need Surrey to, for a change, exhibit leadership during the coming 4-year council term…

    If this was done, then reprehensibly neglected issues, such as expediting replacement of the decaying Massey Tunnel with an ambitiously* designed bridge/ tunnel should be top of the priorities’ list…

    * IE: built for the future- with adequate vehicle, and (potential) rapid-transit capacity for the next 40 to 50 years (10 lanes??)

    Another priority for a city of Surrey that has taken on a regional leadership role should be

    - A South Surrey-to-Richmond Rapid Transit feasibility study...

    For over 2-decades, such a study has been needed to establish:

    a) The best/ most appropriate technologies for a rapid-transit commuter rail line from South Surrey (the South Surrey Park and Ride), paralleling highway 99 to the Richmond (Bridgeport Station?)

    Rapid-transit line study could be in two parts:

    Part 1- from the South Surrey Park and Ride to the Town and Country hotel complex (half a mile East of the MT's east entrance, and

    Part 2- from the Town and Country hotel complex to one of Richmond's Canada Line rapid-transit stations, such as Bridgeport Station..

    b) The likely costs of building a rapid transit commuter rail line from the South Surrey Park and Ride to Richmond;

    Without bold, vocal “regional leadership” from Surrey (and its elected civic officials), South of Fraser cities’ long list of decades old and worsening problems, and SOF cities’ entirely justified grievances about decades of BC govt, federal govt, Metro Vancouver and Translink favoritism towards MV’s “North of Fraser” cities… can only be expected to worsen.

  • Roderick Louis - 3 years ago


    The decades-long void of cohesion and collaboration among South of Fraser cities- at Metro Vancouver and Translink/ Mayors' Council- and when SOF cities lobby the BC and federal governments for grant funding...

    ->>> is the root cause of nearly all of the SOF sub-region's current problems...

    At the minimum, Delta, Surrey, the 2 Langleys and White Rock should establish a formal collaborative structure- such as a

    "SOUTH OF FRASER ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION/ Task force"... with a terms of reference that would include:

    - Establishing Densification & Economic Development Hubs (town centres) in the SOF sub-region;

    - Public transportation and, in particular:

    - Technologies to be used by, & Routes for to-be-built Rapid-transit lines;

    - Bridges/ tunnels into the SOF sub-region (expediting replacement of the decaying Massey Tunnel);

    - Ensuring tolls are not instituted or re-introduced on bridges/ tunnels into the SOF sub-region;

    - Ensuring that there are adequate numbers of public K-12 schools;

    - Gun/ illicit drugs crime issues;

    If Surrey does not lead an initiative to form a "South of Fraser Economic Development Commission/ Task force".... no other SOF cities will...

  • Toph - 3 years ago

    Jourdy sorry but don't agree with you. You think I'm stupid or ignorant? I'm not saying my house wasn't built without using any trees. I'm saying let's try save what beauty we have. Instead of making the city more crowded. How about urban sprawl more into the valley. Have a nice mixture of communities and greenery. Not concrete jungles with house upon house. You want that then move into Vancouver! How about finding other approaches to the housing crisis like slowing immigration or placing them in less populated and congested areas. Stop foreign investors from buying housing and renting them or having them sit empty. Our infrastructure (water, energy, roads) is already taxed as it is so stop adding more housing for more people to overcrowd everything. I worked hard to be able to afford a house even when prices were skyrocketing. It wasn't given to me. You think prices are really going to drop much as they build more and more? Doubt it. I feel any drop will be insignificant.

  • Jourdy in Ouellette - 3 years ago

    Slow development? Maybe you’ve heard we have a housing crisis. We need to build more, keep green space? Sounds like someone who’s house was built without cutting down a single tree. It’s easy to say save the trees when you already own a house, but what about everyone else? Build and build fast.

  • Toph - 3 years ago

    Slow development! It's getting too congested just like other cities across the river. Keep greenspace and stop densifying everywhere!!

  • Karl Petersen - 3 years ago

    IC housing affordability as the second highest issue here behind crimes and gangs did anyone stop and think that maybe housing affordability is turning people to crime that there would be less homeless people committing crime If people could afford somewhere to live.

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