Which candidate's policy on HOUSING/AFFORDABILITY do you agree with most?
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  • Roderick Louis - 3 years ago

    North Surrey’s decades-old outrageous eyesore mess of scrap metals dealers, junk yards, sawdust “mountains”… adjacent to Scott Road SkyTrain Station….

    …. should be a REDEVELOPMENT PRIORITY for the new Surrey city council- as a city of Surrey/ Metro Vancouver /BC govt/ Govt of Canada mega-project…

    Better uses for these incredibly high-potential lands would be hosting University & college campuses; High-tech research & development facilities; Commercial & residential high-rise towers; Sports’ Stadiums; parkland, et cetera

    Largely due to being connected to the rest of Metro Vancouver’s “North of Fraser” area by LEGITIMATE rapid-transit lines, for over 10-years New Westminster has been, & currently is successfully re-developing its once decrepit riverfront areas into highly sought after locations for residential & commercial investment:


    https://biv.com/article/2017/07/new-westminsters-rising-tower-power :

    “New Westminster council approved zoning for the largest tower the city has ever seen: Bosa Development’s 53-storey condominium skyscraper.

    “The building is part of a project that will include a second 43-storey tower and a three-storey commercial building, all built on the New Westminster riverfront****”

    **** Facing North Surrey & its decades-old outrageous eyesore mess of scrap metals dealers, junk yards, sawdust “mountains”… adjacent to Scott Road SkyTrain Station….

    Translink's planning for SOF commuter-rail lines should have considered these lines' direct & indirect effects on the eyesore "wasteland" areas of N Surrey that border New Westminster, & how these lines- if built as LEGITIMATE rapid-transit, instead of as street-car (LRT) lines- could contribute to & act as catalysts for their comprehensive redevelopment

    Candidates for election to SOF cities' councils should demand that Translink re-thinks all of its proposed SOF commuter-rail projects, eliminates the current proposals for street-car lines, replacing them with LEGITIMATE rapid-transit lines..

    “Legitimate" rapid-transit rail lines meaning: separated-from-roadway, computer-driven, RAPID; instead of the in-middle-of-roadway, human-driven, SLOW street-car ("LRT") lines that Translink wants to impose on the SOF sub-region…

    During the past 3 decades, Metro Vancouver’s “North of Fraser” cities have benefited immensely- in terms of economic development- from having a network of 5 LEGITIMATE rapid-transit lines (Expo, Millennium, Evergreen & Canada Lines, AND the West Coast Express heavy rail line) in the NOF area… enabling several- such as Burnaby, to build up huge ($1 billion+) reserve funds, while several of the booming in populations, long neglected South of Fraser cities have gone into debt

    MV's South of Fraser cities should not be denied the same opportunities as MV’s North Of Fraser cities to economically develop themselves- by establishing Densification & Economic Development Hubs linked by a network of LEGITIMATE rapid-transit lines


    “(Burnaby’s )... high-rise developments are being concentrated in four town centres linked by RAPID transit: Metrotown, Brentwood, Edmonds, and Lougheed.

    “’Part of our responsibility to the region is to allow more places for people to live,”... “So... we have designated (Town Centres) for high density: density around (rapid) transit, housing around transit.’”



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