Daily Poll: What is your favourite thing about Thanksgiving?

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Poll posted 12 months ago.


  • Mike Otto - 11 months ago

    No gifts, just food and people.

  • Nev West - 11 months ago

    As an immigrant to Canada 42 years ago I was impressed by the North American feast of thanksgiving. When I asked people how they celebrated it became clear that it was a very personal directive. I chose to start tracking down those people who have truely helped me in life..the guy who gave me my career start as a cub reporter...the mentors who I sat beside during boring political debates and droning defense attorneys arguing cases and those who utterly unselfish far ago kindnesses once long ago shown...favorite teachers ...those indivuduals who inspired. This has taken me around the planet and spent many a pleasant hour with these people again. They feel so honored and I feel full of grace. Happy Thanksgiving

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