Can you see yourself renting an electric scooter to get around in Mexico City?

Posted 2 months.


  • Jim Ficklin - 1 month ago

    Question 4U: hacienda is supposed to enforce the payment of taxes on rental income, but you can’t anonymously report anyone any there is no District Attorney organization in MX to report abuse of law. Why? I know a Canadian condo owner in San Jose del Cabo who openly brags that he makes over $30k US a year by renting his condo out. I guarantee he pays no taxes to the MX govt and/or the Canadian govt. Your suggestion to make this work for the MX government?

  • Frank wiebe - 1 month ago

    I don’t think it will work out

  • Evan Ravitz - 1 month ago

    Electric bikes are much safer and more practical. My cargo electric bike carries up to 600 lb and takes me over a mile above Boulder near the Continental Divide.

    In crowded San Francisco, Uber reports that when they started their shared Jump e-bikes, Uber car use dropped right off. In a crowded City they're much faster than cars

  • John Foy - 2 months ago

    Lime scooters have recently arrived in our city of San Pedro, California. They have proven to be nothing more than a dangerous nuisance for riders and those around them. Add to this scooters laying around the sidewalks blocking pedestrians. I cannot imagine them is Mexico City!

  • George - 2 months ago

    In that traffic? At that crawl? I’d be shot just on principle, or just rammed! Also think they’ll soon be painted a different color and wind up elsewhere throughout the nation.

  • Tommi Banks - 2 months ago

    It's probably a good idea provided people will have compassion with that idea ???? rather than their own personal interests.

  • DONALD SHINGLER - 2 months ago

    They will not last a month. Free scooters for Mexico.

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