Should Andrew Gillum's Democratic primary opponents campaign for him in the general election?

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  • Ralph Bowman - 1 year ago

    They ran against Gillum. So they wouldn't be called RACIST, they did not attack him , like they would a white candidate. They know he is not right for Florida. Too many Democrats are going to vote the PARTY LINE and not consider what a Democratic Socialist would do to the state.

  • MJ - 1 year ago

    If he was white and they thought he would give them a position of power they would be out there. They should be anyway simply based on politics and trying to strengthen the position of their party. Instead, the bottom line never changes. They are in it for themselves. If we the people are lucky, there will be a few crumbs in it for us too.

  • Hellen Hoffman - 1 year ago

    This election is very important for all of Florida, not just Democrats.....our schools, our health care, our environment, our Florida much is at stake. We need the support of those people who cared enough about our state to step up and support our Democratic candidates for all offices, especially the Governor. It is our chance to finally do good for all Floridians. Voting counts, support for candidates count.....Ms. Graham, I voted for you, but I am now support Gillum, because I care about Florida. Time to help out with Mr. Gillum and Mr. King as well as all down ballot Democrats. Hello...Mr. Greene, how about you.....all candidates who were not fortunate enough to become the nominee.....Help out, who knows, you may need help someday in the future. Thanks for helping elect a Democratic Governor and a Democratic legislature!!!!

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