Would you sacrifice an iMac webcam for ultra-slim bezels?

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Posted 7 months.


  • Sam Skeoch - 6 months ago

    if they make the bezel smaller on the macs they will then make an external camera for the mac or you could just buy a third party camera for the mac. it would also give the people who are paranoid about someone supposedly watching them through their desktop camera a chance not to have one

  • Ben - 6 months ago

    My paid and volunteer work and my family communication involve more and more video calls, meetings and webinars using FaceTime and Zoom. Almost all of them happen on my desktop iMac. They save vast amounts of time, money and travel. The idea of trading that off for awkward use of mobile devices, or having to add a clunky extra device at extra cost because of an obsession with bezel width is completely absurd. Why would anyone, at Apple or among buyers, give a hoot about the amount of bezel width needed for a camera? Meanwhile, I want a frame defining the edge of my screen.

  • Bhou - 6 months ago

    But what if Apple is planning to add Face ID in their Mac lineup?

  • Sam D. - 6 months ago


  • Sam D. - 6 months ago

    Hi, I just wanted to say that if you are spending this much on a computer if this degree, then get a USB camera. They are actually really good and cheap, too. Logitech makes 1080p cameras. Goodbye, and have a great day!

  • Eric Valdes - 6 months ago

    I mean we already lost every other important access ports like the USB and SD slots so why not?

  • BigHowdy - 6 months ago

    I don’t care about thin bezels, but I think a camera that folds up from the back to peek over the top would actually be an improvement. That way, you could put it away when it isn’t being used which would be a great security feature. And people who never use the camera don’t have to look at it.

  • Bjarte Aune Olsen - 6 months ago

    I want both! Ultra slim bezels and a notch for the camera! /s

  • -hh - 6 months ago

    On balance .. no.

    I was tempted to say "Yes" because my employer won't buy PCs with integrated webcams because of Security concerns, so a "camera delete" would be a good thing ...

    ... but they also won't buy anything other than Windows, so it becomes a moot point.

    Similarly, I was tempted to say "Yes" because its not really a feature I use much on my Macs, and this in theory could allow Apple to reduce the price of an iMac ...

    ...but then I remembered that Apple basically never lowers prices, so this too becomes a moot point.

  • Howard Davidson - 6 months ago

    Samsung have managed it in a 75 inch TV with a extremely thin bezel. They made a tiny pop up camera on the top edg of the screen. Apple are making more savings by doing away with something that is extremely useful to its customers by pre warning them.And making out its a necessity for a long overdue design change.

  • Nikolas - 6 months ago

    Windows PC's never have webcams built in, and they work just fine. Adding an external camera is not difficult and often gives better results.

  • Alekdome - 6 months ago

    How are 40% of readers saying yes? A webcam still has an important functionality for a computer, unlike ultra thin bezels, which have no function but to look pretty. The idea is stupid.

  • Michael Kirk - 6 months ago

    I can't help thinking that ultra-slim bezels would mean some other unacceptable technical compromise, such as non user upgradeable RAM.

  • Parker Ford - 6 months ago

    If the webcam was patruding just a little you could still fit it in with the ultra thin bezels. But still I don’t understand why they can’t fit it on the iMac when they canon the iPad.

  • Avi - 6 months ago

    They should add Face ID to the iMac!!!

  • hmps - 6 months ago

    There's absolutely no need to have slimmer bezels on an iMac than on an iPhone X / new unreleased iPad.

    If they can fit Face-ID and high quality selfie camera in the slim notch on an iPhone X (and soon in the bezel of the iPad) then surely it must be possible on an iMac.

  • Rich Legault - 6 months ago

    I don't understand why people care so much about ultra-slim bezels, or ultra-thinness on a desktop computer. If the screen is less than 4" thick, and the bezels are 1" or less, I'm happy. Functionality matters more. It's not like you have to carry the computer around with you.

  • Bille Palle Nielsen - 6 months ago

    Just integrate a webcam as an alu-bump on the top of the iMac... It would actually look good, I think.

  • Kevin McGinley - 6 months ago

    iMacs are popular with families and the grandparents and aunts and uncles need to be able to FaceTime with the kids.

  • Oscar Silva - 6 months ago

    I rarely use my iMac camera although I use it on my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. I’m fine with getting a cheap 1080P external camera and just use it if and when I need to on my iMac in trade for a thunderous bezel and larger screen in the same form factor. 30” perhaps? 29.5”?

  • Max - 6 months ago

    The topic makes no sense. If an iPad can house a camera in an ultra-slim bezel, why shouldn't an iMac be able to do the same?

  • Larry Rymal - 6 months ago

    Never have I understood this thinness thing. Is it styling over function? A market thing?

  • Sonny - 6 months ago

    Even with a webcam build in bezels could be trimmed down significantly. Look for example at the MSI GS65 notebook. There are also other ways to implement the webcam, like with a pop-up mechanism like the Vivo Apex smartphone. Apple isn’t doing a very good job in this area. Even though the current MacBooks look better then before, it’s not what you should expect for a company like Apple and the price you’re paying for it. Also still missing the 17” MacBook, but that’s another story....

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