What Music Genre Do You Want to Hear in a Future Season?

Posted 2 months.


  • calapromb - 2 months ago

    I want to say blues
    but then I think about how they would do blues
    and i'm not confident

  • Heather Trails - 2 months ago

    I had to pick Other because I'd love to hear Electro Swing!

  • Jay - 2 months ago

    I think it would be really sick if they did like a Pop Punk/Easycore song. Probably wishful thinking but it would be fucking rad if they did it. I'd jam that shit for days.

  • CatsTuxedo - 2 months ago

    I'd like a prog rock or jazz number, but if they tried it, the episode would be over before they can finish, so I guess funk would be the next best thing.

  • Medicine Cat - 2 months ago

    Pink Foaled!

  • That One - 2 months ago

    I guess expecting FiM to have some darkwave would be just plain stupid...

  • Janic - 2 months ago

    > tfw all the good ones are at the bottom

    Anyways, MLP Ska would sound absolutely amazing and I thank this poll for even suggesting the idea.

  • Sam - 2 months ago

    Country..... I want a Taylor Swift crossover

  • Surreal - 2 months ago

    Dang,.... Classical/Orchestral..... ok!?.......

  • ExplosionMare - 2 months ago

    So far the top answer is classical music. That sounds pretty nice actually!

  • Frith - 2 months ago

    Ain't nopony leave until they've sung the blues.

  • Pliohippus - 2 months ago

    This is the kind of question that should've been a "check all that apply".

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