Should Sikhs have been granted an exemption from Ontario’s motorcycle helmet law?

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  • Karen - 1 year ago

    Jeff: although you read a lot of comments about "nothing" your comment is worth even less: You are wrong.
    Insurance companies will NOT be charging more to those who decide to not wear a helmet. If an insurance company tried to charge inflated rates to a Sikh rider it would not be allowed. For then it would be considered racism.
    The majority of us are upset because what will happen instead is my insurance--as well as the insurance costs for everyone else--will increase.
    Also, I am not sure who you think pays OHIP bills. I guess you're "one of them" who does not have to pay hardly anything at all in taxes. Which might explain why your comments were so far from reality. I hope you don't wear a helmet either, while you ride your E-bike.

  • Ruby - 1 year ago

    Canada should stop changing Canadian laws to accommodate all possible situations. We all should have to obey the laws of the country we reside in. It must go along with making the decision of where we choose to live. I cannot imagine other countries changing their rules to try to accommodate everyone. Our rules must apply to everyone and be enforced as such. If some are not forced to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, why must others be required to do so. Safety must be enforced for all.

  • Bill - 1 year ago

    Driving is a privilege not a right. Always was always will be. If your religion prevents you from following the rules then don't drive. I salute those who follow their religion but don't ask to have rules that were put in place for safety reasons changed. You are still free to practice your religion.

  • Tom - 1 year ago

    Any law that doesn't cover ALL cannot cover ANY. Exemptions are discrimination and the law should be repealed, full stop. Regardless of culture, religion or anything else, if there is exemption then the law is impotent and irrelevant.

  • jane - 1 year ago

    we should not change the laws for some. it should be for all . I,m not allowed on a motorcycle without a helmet. it has nothing to do with religion or race, the law should be for everyone.plain and simple.

  • Brett Bennett - 1 year ago

    It's a matter of road safety, not religion. I'm not against cultural representation, but surely those capable of putting on a turban, are also capable of taking it off the put on a helmet while they ride their motorcycle.

  • Jeff - 1 year ago

    I agree. Never liked helmet laws for adults or kids. Those ill fitting Styrofoam helmets on kids can't help much except for the companies that make millions off of producing them.

  • Rob - 1 year ago

    Hey @Jeff where is the racism? The answer here is as plain as the nose on everyone's face (how is that for inclusive). Helmets should be optional for all consenting adults (18 years old) to wear or not.

  • Jeff - 1 year ago

    An awful lot of banter about nothing really (except racism). I'm sure insurance companies will be charging more to those who decide not to wear a helmet. People fall or are struck every day without helmets on and OHIP pays for that.....The article says other provinces already allow it. How many folks are we talking about, really?

  • Rob - 1 year ago

    Hey @Reks it's not baby trudeau's law change it's Rob Ford's brother Dougie trying to please everyone. The joke appears to be on Reading for comprehension is always an important thing in our education system.

  • Leonard Boudreau - 1 year ago

    There we go again, Foreigners trying to change our laws. We would not stand a chance to try it in their country.. What is wrong with our government?

  • Reks Tillie - 1 year ago

    Prime minister Trudeau is trying to please everyone like the oldest profession in the world. A lot of Canadians are offended by his actions.The country is loosing any identity that it had left under his watch. Shame on you, you are such a joke of a prime minister.

  • Tony - 1 year ago

    If Sikhs are exempt from wearing a helmet while on a motorcycle, they should have to pay out of pocket for any head related medical costs incurred from a collision.

  • Lynn - 1 year ago

    They should not be exempt from wearing a helmet. Everyone in Canada is required to wear one. We teach our children to wear a helmet just to ride a bicycle. Race or nationality should not be used to exempt someone from our Canadian laws. This would be creating precedence for everybody else. It is for their safety. Should an accident occur, they would be admitted to our hospitals and care would be paid by OHIP. As a Canadian, I abide and respect all our laws. If we should go to their country, we would have to respect their laws. They are on Canadian soil. Canada should stop accommodating other nationalities and respect our own.

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