Which candidate’s policy on WALKING AND BIKING do you agree with most?

  • geo - 2 years ago

    Why the poll is not sorted as previous ones???
    Because Wai Young came to be the first?

  • J Curtis - 2 years ago

    I was very happy to see that finally some sense is coming to Vancouver and the real problems we have and that some people, actually understand that the middle class, those who pay for much of everything should be respected. The leaders according to this survey, have the right ideas and I will support them. I only hope that they typical vocal minority deoesn't over shadow the silent majority. We have had 10 years of someone's personal agenda running Vancouver which does not really relate to most families and residents of Vancouver and the people that work here. Vancouver is part of a bigger picture and making sure that all people who live and or work in Vancouver get represented correctly will be a welcome and needed change. Wai and Ken good luck!

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