Have you been the victim of extortion or an extortion attempt in Mexico?

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Posted 6 months.


  • Dean - 5 months ago

    Pulled over in Nuevo Laredo City by transit police for speeding on after crossing from the International Bridge crossing. I was not speeding but have US plates on the car. The two policemen told me to slow down and started negotiating a fine to be paid to them beforeI could leave. Ended up costing me $250.00 dollars US and they let us go. Now I fear driving anywhere in Mexico ... does the Mexican government want Americans to stay out of Mexico?

  • Phil - 5 months ago

    The way the survey question is formulated, I think the question is "Has anyone approched you or sent you a text message asking for regular "protection" payments?". When cops pull you over, 99% of the time your life is not on the line, but as for personalised text messages or some cartel guy approaching you, then your life is on the line.

  • Adrean L. Pachetti - 6 months ago

    Yes last year when we rented a car we were driving from Playa del Carmen back to Puerto Morelos. Cop pulled us over for so called speeding tried to get 3500 pesos out of us which we didnt have . i had read about stuff like this so i knew what was going on and wasnt surprised. I ended up negotiating him 100.00 u.s. dollars & he let us go. It's sad because Mexico will lose money in the end to people who wont return to vacation. It's a shame because we love it there. Aftee this experience not so much. Been there at least 10x this happened on our last trip there. Makes me want to rethink going back

  • Jeannie - 6 months ago

    Still, I do not understand, but, paid anyway, I was transporting a new stove I had bought in Acapulco to my home about an hour away when stopped. Seems I was supposed to hire a bonafide carrier to deliver my stove to my home. I think the guys were hungry, it was past lunchtime so I gave them about 50 pesos and went on my way.

  • Cristy - 6 months ago

    I was pulled over in San Jose Del Cabo on my way to the airport. I had no cash on me pesos or dollars. the police officer asked.I said no. He says follow him to comber grocery store. So I did a block later he pulled over. Are you sure you have no cash. I said I’m sure. He said go ahead and go.

  • Chivato - 6 months ago

    Stop seldom but but pay small mordita. I drive old car. If the cops (cartel) take it , its not worth $600. To many Americans drive nice cars and become a target.

  • Cindy B - 6 months ago

    San Louis P. Every time we go through there which is every year,
    Playa del Carmen, Cancun twice. Never paid. Our friends truck was broken into while we slept in the motor home next to them sleeping on their camper on the truck we were locked in a parking lot with high fence on Costco with a cop driving back and forth every few min.

  • Ed Knudson - 6 months ago

    Several times. I have lived in Mexico for six years and have been screwed over by local "Po;icia" One incident pisses me off every time I drive by it. I was hit by a car ful of mecicans traveling at high speed but it was "my fault". One of the investigating "officers" charged me 2000 pesos, no receipt, to repair a damaged guard rail. It hasn't been fixed yet and that was over 3 years ago. Don't call the police down here, they will just rob you again, ask any Mexican.

  • Louis - 6 months ago

    Juarez transit cops. They target US cars...They take your car plates and leave a ticket. They pull people over over and demand money. You refuse they will take your car...and you go to jail

  • Eric Brown - 6 months ago

    Returning to the US from Tijuana in a CA. plated rental car I was stopped by 2 motorcycle cops for allegedly not stopping, there was no alto sign, and allowing 2 pedestrians to cross the street. I was told I could not proceed until I paid them the "fine" which amounted to nearly $300 US! At that moment I felt those "authorities" had me over a barrel so pleading and negotiating reduced the money down to $100. I paid and left vowing to NEVER return to TJ, a city I had visited probably 20 times on my way to Ensenada. That incident happened 19 years ago and I have never returned, and will never return.
    Countless roustings like that takes a toll on the economies of hundreds of towns and cities and many thousands of hard working Mexicans.

  • Richard Montrose - 6 months ago

    Yes in Mexicali, San Luis and Cabo San Lucas

  • George - 6 months ago

    Yes! Only once in over 12 years. Pulled over in Nuevo Laredo City by transit police for “speeding” in bumper to bumper traffic at late Saturday traffic, on my way to the International bridge.

    I had legal Texas plates on the car. I was a target. Three cops in a Transit minivan. It cost me $1,500 pesos, or $500 a cop at shift quitting time on a Saturday, so that I could pay then the “fine” on my behalf for speeding in traffic at a crawl.

    But this only has happened once. Shake downs can happen anywhere.

  • Jack - 6 months ago

    There was a previous post and survey about mordita from police and I have experienced that several times. I voted no on this survey because it seemed like a different focus.

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