Will Le'Veon Bell report to the Steelers on Monday?

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Poll posted 11 months ago.


  • Steelerlyn - 11 months ago

    He has lied to his teammates, his coaches, and his fans, so why would anyone ever believe this big I AM?

  • Dave - 11 months ago

    Don’t want him don’t need him. Great player but football is a team sport.

  • Rob - 11 months ago

    Rescind the tag let him go defense is the problem Conners has done what only Jim brown did and in only his 2nd year bells 6th year and he hasn't done it also if he does come back and Conners is put on the shelf if I was Conners I'd request an out

  • Steve Boggess - 11 months ago

    Who cares he is not a team player I wouldn't want him in my fox hole totally a selfish human

  • Steve Boggess - 11 months ago

    Who cares he is not a team player I wouldn't want him in my fox hole totally a selfish human

  • Cedric Glover - 11 months ago

    LB will report to work ready to go. However we are tired of playing this game of charade.

  • Ryan - 11 months ago

    Steelers are a delusional team - Lev Bell deserves better

  • Steeler4life - 11 months ago

    To Bell. You are not as great as you think. Look at Conner. Doing the something as you. Maybe it's the system and not you. Conner is a more profitable player than you. Bye bye to Bell. You made yourself less valuable by not showing. You agent made a bad decision. He was not looking out for you but his looking ouy for gis own wallet. You got used.

  • Harry Twat - 11 months ago

    Who the fvck cares. Piece of shit can go shine shoes for all I care

  • Brenda Brown - 11 months ago

    Dam if he do and dam if he don't it is what it is

  • Rick - 11 months ago

    Don’t show , I need Conner to keep my Fantasy Team winning. Go Skins

  • Mjs - 11 months ago

    All I care about is Defense you are absolutely correct, I would have fired the Defensive coordinator last year. They scored 42 points against the JAGS in the playoffs and 37 against the CHIEFS this year and lost both... Their Defensive backs couldn't cover a 6 grader!!

  • Mjs - 11 months ago

    At this point and as a die hard Steelers fan since 1977 when I was 5 years old I do not want him back, He's a diva POS!! He's saving himself for a contract from another team.. I believe he won't give it 110% the rest of the year.. I think Pittsburgh has been very patient with him and his drug suspensions and injuries. They Also offered him a pretty good contract.. He's not gonna get 17mil a year from anyone!!

  • all i care about is a defence - 11 months ago

    To all I care about is winning. The reason there have been o point halts isn't bell it's the fact that we keep moving towel boys up to co ordinators. Also Mike the wiz Tonkin only played the 1 offence for a quarter in the preseason. And we are the most penalized team in the info. Completely undisciplined. We need wholesale changes in the off season on the coaching staff. Tonkin has to go. The roster and atmosphere are dumster fires. We need a disciplined coach WHO CAN DRAFT. we need a REAL offesive co Ordinator and a REAL defensive co Ordinator. Tonkin sold a Bill of goods as the man WHO revamped Minnesota's defensive backfield and the guy has been drafting MULTIPLE dbs in every DRAFT for ten years and NOT ONE OF THEM ARE STARTERS. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  • alfred harsch - 11 months ago

    No he'll be too busy smoking a blunt to report. Its now official in his 6 year career he has never played a full season. He will never be mentioned in the same breath as the bus, franco, John Henry Johnson. Or Rocky blier. He's more Iine of rashes mendenhall only mendenhall has a better upbringing. There will always be an asterics associated with him in my mind James Conner is already making me forget Leonard Bill.

  • Robert - 11 months ago

    He’s a stupid n I g g e r.

  • Chris - 11 months ago

    Not a team player
    Good riddance

  • All I care about is winning - 11 months ago

    Yes he shows up, and I cant wait! No more 0 point halves in games. Less pressure for Ben and Antonio. Not one nfl defense is containing Ben, Bell and Brown, in that order. I like playoffs and 13-3 way more than 2-2-1 and losing to subpar ravens team.

  • Seadeez Nutz - 11 months ago

    Who cares.

  • Charles - 11 months ago

    He will report not this Monday but I'm thinking by Friday.

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