Should the Canucks have exacted revenge for hit on Elias Pettersson?

  • Matt - 2 years ago

    Imo if Horvat wanted the captaincy he should have fought Matheson before the end of the game. He would finally have my vote for captain cuz I’ve never really bought in on him being our guy. I don’t give a fuck to watch this garbage if this team won’t protect a player that is probably their best already.

  • Another disappointed fan - 2 years ago

    The team has no control over how the league will handle this, and I wouldn't be surprised if Matheson gets no games. but they can control how to respond after you see your future franchise player gets injured from a dirty play. No one saw the play? i don't buy it. What a lame excuse. The canucks staff team would've looked at the replay at the bench, including Green, to assess what happened so they can carry out the concussion protocol. Green's choice of words after the game shows how how short sighted he is as an nhl coach. Two points in October does not matter, especially for a team that isn't even expected to compete for playoffs. The lack of response is sending out a message to the rest of the 30 teams that it is okay to run over their star player because there will be no consequences. If Boeser is scoring the way he did last year before he got hurt, he would have a target on his back as well. No one is asking the canucks to injure an opposition player - but they need to at least show that they will stand up for their star players. Prime example is how Miller protected Stetcher in his first year - did Miller injure the guy? No. But I'm sure Stetcher is glad to have Miller look out for him. Matheson should've at least been challenged to a fight even it means taking an instigator penalty. I am extremely disappointed that the team did nothing - or was at least instructed not to because the coach cares more about the two points than the safeguard of his young players. Losing your top scorer like Petterson will cost you many future two points. I don't think Petterson has experienced this before. This may change the way he plays because he has to keep watching his back.

    Winning is the best revenge? This isn't the 80th game in the season when Panthers could be fighting for a playoff spot. I don't think they were butt hurt losing this game. They were probably relieved that their star players didn't get run over after Petterson left the game.

    The Sedins took so much abuse throughout their career. It seems like history will just repeat itself with the next wave of young players for the Canucks. Very disappointed.

  • Todd Bertuzzi - 2 years ago

    I did my part to enforce the hockey code and took care of Moore 14 years ago when he ended Markus’s career. You fans bitter show up Jan 13 and show that pansy from Quebec how you deal with things in Western Canadian hockey. Give’m some of that Prince George and Abbotsford love.

  • Stan Leatherdale - 2 years ago

    My wife is a new hockey fan, from the Philippines. I enjoy the game more through her innocent appraisal. We have been admiring Pettersson, for his awesome skill despite his youthful condition. Having watched the NHL for many years I told my wife that a headhunter was going to hurt this physically underdeveloped player, and sure enough. Even if the Florida player is not known for previous infractions it does not matter. What a coward, subduing a physically weaker player. Years ago I watched over and over Steve Moore skate across the ice and take out gentleman Marcus Naslund. Todd Bertuzzi was quartered and flayed for his rough justice, otherwise Moore skates away no questions asked. Sort of like our lame North American judicial system. The NHL is truly gutless for their paltry game suspensions. The Canuck's coach muted response was also gutless. Meanwhile, my wife no longer wants to watch NHL hockey. No wonder.

  • Disappointed fan - 2 years ago

    I was upset after watching the injury. After all the comments below, I’m done with the Canucks. Glad I stopped buying seasons tickets. Now I will stop watching the Canucks at all. Let’s switch to another sport.

  • Tonee - 2 years ago

    Roussel is just back from an injury. And Gudbranson cannot fight everybody. The fact is the Canucks have a lot of young players and no grit. That's the jeans were a perfect example of taking a beating at the hands of the other teams every game and no retaliation because again the Canucks have no grit or team toughness. Soooooo sad.

  • joseph - 2 years ago

    Was a dirty pre meditated hit. Spineless Canucks may be the worst team for a young star to enter the league - as long as there's no push back, liberties will be taken. Last year Boeser, this year Pettersson, next year the Hughes brothers. EP's parents should be very worried for the utter lack of response by his teammates - its open hunting season on Elias when he returns - he is on his own. The only way things change is if EP goes back to Sweden, spends another year getting stronger and asks for a trade to a team where players have each other's back.

  • Christoph - 2 years ago

    Gretzky would never have become "The great one" without his bodygaurds on the ice. No point going after Matheson next game...should have been done right after the hit

  • Brian - 2 years ago

    NHL has turned into a pussy league, if Gretzky, Orr, Lemieux, and other superstars had been slammed around back in the day with no retaliation none of them would have played the number of games or gotten the goals they did ..... Bettman and most general managers have ruined most facets of the game .

  • Richard Berry - 2 years ago

    Matheson went right after him when he was embarrassed on a clean hickey play. How do you stop this? He’s only 19 ! That was inexecusible! Pavel-Gino stopped that and rarely was it necessary for Gino to engage for him.

  • Brian - 2 years ago

    Yes, somebody should have stepped up and done something. at least get in his face. I hope the ref's face some sort of hearing as well. How was that not a penalty?

  • Charles Storvold - 2 years ago

    The initial hit was a penalty has the defenseman had one hand on his stick, he put the stick between hia legs ( called a can opener) dirty fucking play! Then he was holding to take him into boards!
    If you look at the entire footage. The defenseman was totally pissed off and should have received a match penalty for attempt to injure!

  • Kevin - 2 years ago

    They should’ve went after Matheson right away. Who cares if they don’t get the 2 points. I don’t. Why the hell did they sign rousel? They signed him for exactly that reason. What’s wrong with you TG???!!!

  • Michael Graham - 2 years ago

    Yes and no !! The extent that the panther player went was waaaay to far and was meant to injure . These elite players are the future of the NHL and they should not have to be subject to blatant violation by less superior players. The problem
    Lies upon both the NHL and the Players Union and to some extent the arbitrators ; example : Austin Watson this was a total fail on a lot of fronts . He gets 27 games for domestic abuse , mind you there have been similar suspension for incidents on ice , which is / was part of the culture , all being it changing . The bigger issue is the NHLPA and arbitrator , especially , says give him 18 , other wise ya that’s ok !!! I summation , it was a nasty unacceptable follow through that was definitely missed by the referee ( maybe give him 5 games ) and the player should be suspended. ZERO tolerance

  • Larry Vander - 2 years ago

    I used to watch hockey but I stopped because of all the childishness that detracts from the sport. The game itself is often secondary to the enjoyment garnered from the fisticuffs and brawls. Disgusting.

  • Joe Kemble - 2 years ago

    No Tony. I want REAL consequences. Not some lame fight that accomplishes nothing. Suspend the player. Fine the fu.k out of him. I don't mean for a few games. Most of the season. Treat every play where it is clear that the player went beyond the hockey play and assulted another player with extreme consequences. You'll get it wrong sometimes but I'd rather have those mistakes than players with concussions.

  • Greg - 2 years ago

    This team deserves no captain if absolutely no one stands up for their one star player. Having no physical response to Matheson is inexcusable. Green is a shameful leader. I doubt I'll care about the rest of Canucks games while Pettersson remains injured. No one fu.k'd with Naslund after the Bertuzzi response. Actions speak volumes. Non-actions also speak volumes. This team needs more guys (or he'll any guy for that matter) willing to stand up for their players.

  • Terry Benton - 2 years ago

    Initial hit was not a penalty. Body slam to the ice was. Penalty, yes!!! Referee standing right there, suspension for turning blind eye to penalty. Team mates on the ice and on the bench shame on you for not standing up for your team mate!!! As for Travis Green's comments that the 2 points were more important than retaliation, time to move back to the minors if that is your thinking. Team mates stand up for each other and if their reaction to what happened is any indication of what we are going to see this year enjoy being one of the worst teams in the league. The Canucks one bright light at the end of the tunnel for this year was just turned off. Now I sit in the dark questioning my loyalty to a team that has no heart or leadership. Shame on all of you for letting me down.

  • Dave S - 2 years ago

    What's the point? Matheson isn't known as a dirty player, and there is no reason for a rivalry between these two teams. If this was a game vs Edmonton or Winnipeg, retaliation would be much needed.

    Roughing? Yes. Intent to injure? I doubt it. Let the league deal with it, and take the W.

  • Steve Carmichael - 2 years ago

    I think the Canucks should have gone after Matheson right away... teach that piece of crap what happens when you go after our star player... the canucks have been a punching bag for a few years now... hope the canucks have enough balls to go after this guy in a big way... let's face it the nucks are expected to win many games so standing up against jerks like Matheson should be more important than wins... protect the kids

  • Tony Sjostrom - 2 years ago

    So what kemble is saying is that we should have just wagged a finger at him and tell him not to do it again? Maybe let him know verbally that we did not like the hit and tell him that it is not the way to play hockey? Hell no! He should have had someone plow his head into the ice! Eye for an eye! That's the hockey way! Stop being a bunch of pussys

  • Rory Jackson - 2 years ago

    I didn't get to finish. Bottom line, SHOW SOME PRIDE!!! It's not about revenge. It's about standing together as a TEAM. Travis Green, SHOW SOME leadership and courage. For too long the Canucks have been pushed around. Please let us fans walk around with some dignity and PRIDE.

  • Vincent C - 2 years ago

    You need to be tough enough to stand up to bullies or the bullies will eat you alive. Being a warrior walking through a garden is better then a gardener walking through a war. I am not saying full nuclear every time, but let them know we can go nuclear. Whois going to fu.k with a nuclear power? No one.

  • Rory Jackson - 2 years ago

    Enough already. I've been a fan since they join

  • Clint Sherwood - 2 years ago

    Vancouver fans should show Matheson how much we support our young stars. He’ll be in town January 13. Let’s give him a Vancouver greeting that will make anyone think twice about hurting our young stars.

  • Joe Kemble - 2 years ago

    You're right Matt! All this retaliation and retribution stuff over the years has completely solved the problem! There are no repeat offenders because of this! There are no more dirty plays! It works!

    Obviously ,this doesn't work. We've been doing it for years. Punching your way out of a problem almost never works. Good luck with that though, I'm sure you are a really tough guy. I bet you think that is even something to be proud of.

  • Daryl Wark - 2 years ago

    What Matheson did was absolute BS, Bennington went out and got 3 more bodies to make the team tougher, they need to show the other teams they will not stand for this.

  • Matt - 2 years ago

    Lol joe Kemble you’re a fuckin pussy! Retaliation would have solved the problem that is about to fall on the team all season now! Teams see they did nothing to respond and will know they can smash who they want and not have to answer the bell. You are a total panzee if you don’t see that’s how it works.

  • Richard - 2 years ago

    I'm against the idea of retribution, but when your GM keeps saying that grit is important and keeps giving over huge contracts to terrible hockey players with big bodies, you expect something to happen here.

  • Joe Kemble - 2 years ago

    Retaliation doesn't solve anything. It's useless. People voting yes are just blood thirsty. You can rationalize it all you want but you are just blood thirsty

  • Dave Duggan - 2 years ago

    I would love to say no but the nhl office won't do anything, therefore the whole goon argument is out the window. Bring back the enforcer. Until the NHL stops acting like amateurs the players will need to police the game. ...... Canucks failed badly last night. 2 points is useless without petterson we are back to rebuild season 1

  • Vern Sellars - 2 years ago

    You can bet the NHL will do their best to sweep this under the rug but it was a dirty play from a player who was embarassed by a great hockey move. That the wrestling move was done in front of an official who did not make a call is brutal. How is the league supposed to get a suspension right if the official on the ice will not call the play right.

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