Which would you value most highly in your personal doctor? (Poll Closed)

  • Sticks when possible to using evidence-based guidelines and vetted treatment protocols
    80 votes

  • Relies on instinct gained from experience with other patients
    25 votes

  • Listens to my concerns as we learn and make decisions together
    278 votes

  • Employs technology such as electronic protocols, AI, and alerts
    11 votes

  • Orders whatever tests and drugs I ask for
    9 votes


Posted 4 months.


  • debtor - 4 months ago

    And here is the problem with the concept of Socialized medicine in the United States. Even among an informed group, we put personal patient "concerns" and "decisions" ahead of evidence-based guidelines and vetted treatment protocols. I fully support your right to have concerns and make decisions about your own health...but I'd prefer not to pay for them if they're not supported by science.

  • Matt Ethington - 4 months ago

    Can I reference this study in a blog or linked in article? We get a ton of policy push in healthcare which we've seen create it's own echo-chamber to the detriment (in some very real cases) of beneficial practice. It runs its course until the downstream consequences create push back and the the policy is pulled back which creates a difficult environment for real and helpful innovation.

    MU - Patients over paperwork dismantling documentation requirements
    HIPAA - privacy yet - but a bio-screen for 350 million Americans?
    MACRA - MIPS - now scaling back on penalties and rewards.

    Hope you are well. It's been a long time since we talked. Business is good.

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