Providers: does your organization use biometric patient ID? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    15 votes

  • No, because of cost or lack of a business case
    27 votes

  • No, because patients would think it's creepy
    2 votes

  • No, because of hacking concerns
    3 votes

  • No, because we've never really thought about it
    18 votes

  • No, for some other reason
    12 votes


Posted 4 months.


  • XCIO - 4 months ago

    Our business case for using biometric palm scanners at each patient registration location is confirmation of identification which leads to reduction in duplicate records, improved patient billing due to better accuracy of data collected or verified at the point of registration, and validation that the patient is actually who he/she says he/she is.

  • Ed A - 4 months ago

    We do use biometrics for medication dispensing system. Be sure to check state/local laws before implementing. In Illinois multiple class action lawsuits have been filed for failure to comply with Illinois Biometric Privacy Act. You need to gain consent and allow an opt out for biometric use and retention.

  • Industry Analyst Supporter of Biometrics - 4 months ago

    I do feel strongly that Iris Scanners and Palm Vein are the most impactful, especially considering the "non-contact" scan, and the ability to scan without expensive facial recognition cameras and software interfaces.

    I also agree with Mr. HISTalk regarding perception deception. Most folks don't blink about their biometrics being the vehicle to access their iPad's and phones, but feel that their privacy and security regulated healthcare provider asking is too invasive.

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