Who is the lohud boys soccer player of the week? (Poll Closed)

  • Juan Escuerdo, Hamilton

  • Pablo Ernesto Flores, Gorton

  • Patrick Feehan, Brewster

  • Mateo Marra, Ossining

  • Eugenio Palau, Ardsley

  • Jack Rifkin, Greeley

Posted 8 months.


  • Estefania Arichavala - 8 months ago

    Best player in this year

  • Jesus christ himself - 8 months ago


  • The Real Moose - 8 months ago

    Look, Rifkin deserves this hes a phenomenal soccor player and hes cuffed as a motherf$$ker view this as his bachelor party and throw the brotha a bone Ya heardjj

  • Washed up - 8 months ago

    Eugenio is by far the best player in the section

  • pebblz - 8 months ago

    my boy mateo is stupid dirty withit. to my fellow defenders i sincerely apologize bc my boy has drip.drip too hard , dont stand to close you gonna fu k around and drown off this WAVE

  • Donzie - 8 months ago

    That face, that hair, those cheeks! You had a hell of a great week. You were missed in Kona but boooy yaaaa for you it was worth it. XO

  • Queen K - 8 months ago

    Patrick Feehan skipped the World Ironman Championship in Kona Hawaii for his Socer team. He deserves this honor. MAHALO!

  • Tony Da Greek - 8 months ago

    Pat is the man ... and should be player of the year.

  • Champagne Papi - 8 months ago

    Patty “ICE” new feature on the mixtape??? We will wait and see.

  • Grant Pluth - 8 months ago

    My mans party Ice got that drip no cap!

  • LOHUD - 8 months ago

    All players listed are incredible nominees. The one who stood out the most was Brewster's striker Patrick Feehan. He ended the 15+ year losing streak to Somers, he brought his team back from a 2-0 deficit against JJCR, and is an all around amazing team player. He always has a new trick up his sleeve for each and every game so nobody knows exactly what he'll pull out next. Patrick "Ice" Feehan is very deserving of Player of the Week.

  • Miguel - 8 months ago

    El Patrick es el Mejor Jugador.

  • Belinda Maldo - 8 months ago

    He is the best ????????????????

  • Every girl ever - 8 months ago

    Truer words have never been spoken @Dr. Smith

  • Dr. Smith - 8 months ago

    I could get fired for releasing this info, but pat Feehan has an 11 incher

  • Someone - 8 months ago


  • Deni Hasa - 8 months ago

    I am the fastest man alive but patty Ice is still better then me at fútbol

  • Pablo Escobar - 8 months ago

    Que lo que

  • Jordy Cerrato - 8 months ago

    Pat the new champ champ

  • Monster J - 8 months ago

    Pat is a great team player

  • Ben Dover - 8 months ago

    Pat Feehan has always left me satisfied on and off the field.

  • All of Brewster - 8 months ago

    I see your name is not up here Alex Sydor most likely because you’re unathletic, unattractive and no one likes you

  • Mom - 8 months ago

    Vote Patty Ice or I'll tell your homophobic father that you're gay.

  • Nanny McPhee - 8 months ago

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  • Jesus - 8 months ago

    People believed that when I come back to earth from the heavens, I will accept them at the either the right or left hand. You woulda thought boy, I come thru all the time now just to watch Patty Ice put duffs on the ground and pin top left. This like the 8th coming lol Jesus loves him some soccer

  • God - 8 months ago

    I command all of you to vote for Jack Rifkin.

  • Dennis Quaid - 8 months ago

    Goat pat feehan has done it again. Love to watch him play that’s why U wrote the book life of Pat by Dennis Quaid. Can’t wait to see what he does next. He megs everyone. #goat #ice

  • Brian McKee - 8 months ago

    Sorry I forgot the capitol K in my name

  • Brian Mckee - 8 months ago

    This kid Patrick Thomas is aesthetically pleasing when he plays soccer. More so than Me. No player has ever done this before. Please vote for Pat to show your support. Pat if you read this please forget the times that you megged me. It’s very embarrassing.

  • Malohrs - 8 months ago

    Vote for my boy Rifman. Really kind. Really big lips.

  • Kassman - 8 months ago

    Vote for my guy Rifman, kids a real one, he's really kind

  • Donald.j.Trump - 8 months ago

    Korea and United States are now at peace. North Korea Saw Patrick ice Feehan’s goal against Somers with 8 seconds left and has reportedly said by Fox News : “this is a weapon that should be banned by the UN,we give up on this bomb game,America you win”-Kim Jun un. #themessiah

  • Cristiano Ronaldo - 8 months ago

    After my departure from Reál Madrid and after seeing Patrick Feehan tear up the field, he should be the one to take my spot on the squad. I'm jealous of him. #FIFA20Cover???

  • Jaquevous - 8 months ago

    Pat Feehan is a certified beauty and full send type of guy

  • Emre Mor - 8 months ago

    Patrick Feehan is the Stephen Curry of high school soccer. That kid Alex prolly got 0 females. Pat Feehan has drip.

  • Jackson M - 8 months ago

    My friend Pat is basically my dad bc he’s a whole 3 feet taller than me so please vote my dad as player me the week!

  • Brendan Fox - 8 months ago

    Patty is the number 3 player on Ireland's club Irish step team

  • michael rotch - 8 months ago

    alex sydor can hold this dick

  • Meg Master - 8 months ago

    I have megged this kid pat

  • The Whole State of New York - 8 months ago

    This pat character is such a great player. Real Madrid can’t afford him. Brewster, his hometown, we think, is especially lucky to have him. What a great town with fine establishments.

  • Pelé - 8 months ago

    Years after my death, I have been waiting for an excuse to reincarnate. This Patrick Feehan kid is no joke. He reminds me of myself when I was just a young pup, hungry to score goals. All I have to say is watch out Christian pulisic, there's a new young phenom coming to bring the states to their first world cup title.

  • Blake - 8 months ago

    Pat feehan all around great player and person, 10/10 guy. His brothers kinda sketchy but yeah pat feehan for poy

  • Zinedine Zidane - 8 months ago

    After leaving Real Madrid, I have been on the hunt for a Star. Seeing him play has been a gift to me as I have never seen someone with more ice in their veins. We plan on flying him to Madrid to get a medical clearance. He’s truly a superstar.

  • Alex Sydor - 8 months ago

    Idk who this Patrick Feehan guy is because I didn't see him show up when Ardsley beat Brewster 4-1 and Eugenio Palau had 2 goals ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

  • Matt Langdon - 8 months ago

    Pat Feehan, great guy, better athlete. I see no reason as to why he shouldn’t be player of the week.

  • saquob barkeley - 8 months ago

    this kid pat feehan, absolute champ, hands down the best player in section 1 this year

  • Meagan Feehan jr - 8 months ago

    Pat has always been to every practice and every day grinding to be the best... He has ice in his veins

  • Danny j - 8 months ago

    My boy pat all the way

  • Lionel Messi - 8 months ago

    Personalmente, he estado trabajando con Patrick Feehan durante los últimos 10 años y es de lejos uno de los mejores jugadores que he visto. Será el mejor jugador del mundo.

  • Fernando Diaz Ramirez Gomez Johnson Jr. - 8 months ago

    Great play by Pat in the last couple games definitely a future D1 star kid is a legend.

  • AntonDavisJr 3 - 8 months ago

    Patrick Feehan was rumored to have a transfer link to Real Madrid. Who’s Ronaldo ?

  • Carrie Ratajack - 8 months ago

    Plays with all his heart

  • Rafael Enwardo Nurmagomendov Jr. - 8 months ago

    Patrick Feehan is hands down the best player in the state. Everyone else is almost non existent in my eyes.

  • Harrison Dignan - 8 months ago

    Patty Ice in his veins

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