Should Apple allow custom Apple Watch faces?

  • Robert Schoenstein - 2 years ago

    This would be an excellent feature, especially if we can sell our designs. I have a few great ideas for watch faces, just want to create them. Yes, licensing may be a pain in the backside, but that is up to the creators.

  • FDurocher - 2 years ago

    To answer the headline:


    When I got my Series 2 back when they were new, this was a feature I thought was such a no-brainer that I didn't even bother to research it before I bought. I'm very disappointed that it still hasn't happened! I want a steampunk face with slowly rotating gears "under" the watch hands so bad....

    The article talks about how Apple would be responsible for making sure that 3rd party faces don't infringe on patents by any Apple-sanctioned faces, but why is that the case? They don't check for patent infringement on every app that goes through the App Store, so why wouldn't this simply be something left to the patent-holders vs. the face creator??

  • Jennifer Keegin - 2 years ago

    I recently switched from my beloved Pebble to an Apple Watch and that's a feature that I miss so much. I loved all the options for downloading third party Pebble watch faces. I miss that.

  • RonL - 2 years ago

    Two words: Emerald Chronometer!

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