Which way would you have called the Jose Altuve-Mookie Betts play?

  • JP - 3 years ago

    Well said Robert Dunn!

  • robert dunn - 3 years ago

    You guys are all seeing that catch wrong, and it's absurd. Reason 1) The interfering fan has his thighs against the wall and is leaning forward, with hands forward as well. How the heck could his hands then be on the fan side of the wall.

    Reason 2) Mookie Betts, is about 2 feet from the wall when interference is made, he then falls into the wall, his hand comes straight down. When his hand comes straight down, it is still on the field side of the wall.

    Not enough evidence to overturn, but questionable if it is clear. I think my above reasons are clear though.

  • REno-Guy - 3 years ago

    all the Skank fans voting for a HR. Where was Jeff Meier when you need him? LOL.

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