Do you want weekly updates on Tesla's production?

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Posted 6 months.


  • James cherry - 5 months ago

    Great news

  • DIPAK PATEL - 5 months ago

    To employees and share holders, support TESLA and ELON. Their EV should be the best of the best. Help Elon achive his vision and target about EV. Think about very long term and future with clean air.

  • Bernd Rietberg - 5 months ago

    If you do the poll at the bottom of the article, only the ones that read the entire article and thus are interestes in these kind of stories, will see your poll.
    I think you're pollgroup is higjly biased.

  • Campbell Crockatt - 6 months ago

    We are delighted with our Model S. Closely monitoring Model 3 production and 2019 - when Model 3 should be available in the UK

  • Alan - 6 months ago


  • Bhiju - 6 months ago


  • Dale - 6 months ago

    Absolutely as often as possible. The success of Tesla is imperative as far as I'm concerned.

  • Drew - 6 months ago

    Hourly updates, please

  • Mike - 6 months ago

    Yes! Your source seems to very reliable based on the Q2 estimates, please keep doing the updates. Interested in your take on product and delivery estimates for Q4. At current run rate and no improvement, I'd assume approximately 60,000-63,000 Model 3s produced in Q4.

  • Alex - 6 months ago

    I want u update every day, man, if not every hour, lol

  • Gary Galliford - 6 months ago

    Of course we do, if they are accurate then they give us a better view on a company we all want to support

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