Where do you keep locally stored copies of your medical information? (Poll Closed)

  • Nowhere -- I don't usually keep my own copies of everything
    99 votes

  • On paper in a drawer
    59 votes

  • Manually scanned or saved into electronic files
    16 votes

  • In a personal health record application
    15 votes


Posted 4 months.


  • Cosmos - 3 months ago

    This is a fascinating poll. It's amazing to me that only 15% of respondents (so far) use a digital solution. Aren't we all supposed to be in the health care technology business? Why isn't this number higher?

  • Former Community CIO - 3 months ago

    It's divided among all the choices. Most I don't keep. Major procedures I have the results in a paper file (although recent stuff is electronic). Medications and immunizations are in a PHR. Oh and the stuff I don't keep is spread among the dozen providers I've seen in my lifetime.

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