Does the hiring of David Bell as the Reds' new manager make you...


  • Baseball Lover - 4 years ago

    Hiring a proven professional winner,, like Joe G from the Yankees,, would make me want to buy tickets I've been a reds fan my whole life.. I'm 64yrs old. When no player on your team can't lay down a bunt, when you really need one...YOU don't have a team!!! YOU give up 6 to 8 runs a game and win.. I'm tired of watching this crap... I would rather watch high school baseball.... By the way, u need to send Homerun Bailey back to high school... Good luck!!! Hope u find a winning manager some day... Hire a manager,,, Not a guy u think will sell tickets....

  • Betty Cochran - 4 years ago

    One year contract instead of 3. Uuug. Also prefer much younger guy that breaks with the tradition and willing to do things like use bull pen and forget about starting pitchers. They are too expensive, prone to injury and predictable. Change is hard but those that do, win. Same old, same old.

  • Wilbur - 4 years ago

    Joey Votto next player manager

  • jerry - 4 years ago

    hired because of last name Bell. Needed to hire a seasoned manager. Need a new owner who will spend some money. Made crazy salary contracts to worthless players. Need to make some position changes (center field and the rest of the outfield. Need pitchers who can get past the fourth inning. Lost all interest in this team.

  • Laureen Niehaus-Beckner - 4 years ago

    The problem isn't the manager. We can't seem to draft and develop pitching.

  • Greg - 4 years ago

    Choosing a non major league manager doesn’t make much sense,you would have thought they learned their lesson after the price debacle. After 4 years of last place. You would of thought they would of chosen a proven mgr. like Farrell.I’ve been a reds fan for many years, but I’m afraid it’s fading away.

  • Jenny - 4 years ago

    Skeptical. Bell may be a nice guy but is he his own man OR did they hire him to control him? The front office seems way too involved in the management of the game and I think it might get worse with Bell. If the FO gets too far into the anaytics-side of baseball , it will likely turn out that he will simply become the voice of the FO with no real management authority.

  • Jim Rice - 4 years ago

    Anybody in the Reds front office during last 5 years should be gone. Need yardsticks at every minor league level, ie: pitchers and leadoff hitters learn to bunt in A ball or no AA ball, pitchers throw fast balls for strikes n percent of time or no AA, same for sliders in AA or no AAA, same for change ups AAA or no big league. At all levels starting pitchers should be capable of pitching 7 innings

    For position players a similar ladder: single A measure mental errors, learn to bunt or no go to AA , in AA force batters to hit with 2 strikes and measure their effectiveness. in AAA make hitters hit to opposite field and measure effective rate. Measure outfielders on throwing to right base or the cutoff man. In short, set standards up and down the development chain, make managers, players and coaches aware of them and and hold fast to them. Obviously these are not all inclusive skills and need to be refined.

    A pet peeve: why haven't the Reds hired a couple of recently retired pitchers who can throw hundreds of fast balls and sliders a week to Billy hamilton over the winter months until he learns to bunt? Golfers hit thousands of balls to improve their swings. Why wouldn't that apply to bunting?

  • Paul Westhoff - 4 years ago

    I have been a Reds fan for 40 years. I think the owner and the front office are the cause of this mess i also believe coaching is part of this. True there's a lack of talent but the coaching is a joke and it matters contrary to what people think they have had the same assistants for who know's how long. The Reds have all of a sudden begun to operate like the other team in town who i will not mention and would not give the sales tax on a coke to they are more fan friendly but otherwise very similar. They cry poor mouth but they created this mess themselves i think the front office is weighed down with too many guys with too many titles and they all have their hands in it and ultimately the owner makes all the final decisions and is clueless i don't see things getting better anytime soon as this so called rebuild will continue sadly.

  • Ben - 4 years ago

    Pitching is an issue, but being aggressive at the plate is also a problem. And that starts with the manager. Good luck Bell in 2019! Hopefully he can inspire some of those that aparently don't find making millions a big deal.

  • Hood - 4 years ago

    What are we rebuilding for exactly? By the time our young guys get good, we lose them to free agency and then start over! We hope to catch lightening in a bottle I guess. MLB is a funny business, we will keep as much talent as possible in the minors until we get enough to go for it. Then the clock starts. Then in 4 years, we rebuild again!
    But my biggest question is why do we continue to draft 3rd basemen and catchers with our top picks?
    So all these years of sucking, we have one pitcher that actually might be something (Greene).
    Give me the best available college pitcher (unless it's another Hunter Greene) and stock pile those. Draft pitchers that have played college ball and understand how to pitch to aluminum bats. Pro baseball is a different world for high school pitchers. They are used to just blowing fastballs by people, they never needed to actually pitch and worry about movement.
    But this organization is a mess. They have to remove some seats and make that field bigger, you are making your pitchers suck by default. Yes both teams play on the same field, but the numbers are being compared to the rest of the league and its making whatever pitchers we have look and feel even worse. Make the field bigger, give our pitchers confidence. Then maybe we can start getting free agents that I have heard of.

  • Grant - 4 years ago

    I agree with Dave. Anyone who would give Homer Bailey a contract like he got should’ve been fired long ago. It’s not been the manager’s fault. Price and Rigleman did what they could with what they had. Look at the money Bailey will be paid next year and the buy out he will get think of what that would buy as far as pitching. They need cleaned out from the top down. There’s where the rebuild needs to start.

  • Brent Weber - 4 years ago

    My wife and I live in Alaska. We listen to about 160 games a year on the radio and try to make it down for a week or two at GABP.

    We became Reds fans in 2014, so it sure would be nice to experience a winning year. But, we will continue to visit GABP as we can afford it regardless of W/L ratio.

    Probably not typical fan outlook, but you asked for personal opinion, rational or not!

  • TF - 4 years ago

    Can he pitch?

  • Greg Smith - 4 years ago

    The manager hasn’t been the reason for the team’s current run of losing seasons. Everyone knows that this is not a major league competitive pitching staff. When that changes, whether through FA, trade or player development, then attendance will improve. Hard to watch a team that you know will eventually give up any lead or have the team out of the game by the third inning. It is disappointing because the starting 8 has the potential to be playoff caliber if not already.

  • D Walker - 4 years ago

    Nothing changes til the pitching is improved !! Up to management to give Bell something to work with.

  • Al Catlos - 4 years ago

    The Reds looked pretty good for the first half of the season, but some key injuries and inconsistent pitching ruined the last half. It didn't help that the batters, at times, liked to stand at the plate and watch strikes go by. Making Riggleman the fall guy was bound to happen. I wish Bell the best, but I still see the Reds in the basement in 2019. I DO hope I'm wrong.

  • Dave Baird - 4 years ago

    Another Castellii,dog, and pony show,using the Bell family tradition, to interest fans...Pitching,pitching,pitching, ,which we had until team decimated by Walt (st.louis) jockety

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