Should Mexico adopt a tougher stance and send in the military to stop the migrants' caravan?

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Posted 6 months.


  • Marco Borraz - 5 months ago

    Most immigrants won't stay in Mexico, they know it's a poor country with problems such as violence, corruption, unemployment, and an outrageous devalued currency (peso). These immigrants still believe in The American Dream, they are illiterate, they don't read the paper and books to learn that the US is also poor. They don't know that the American wealthy are a minority.

  • Marco Borraz - 5 months ago

    Most immigrants won't stay in Mexico, they know it's a poor country with problems such as violence, corruption, unemployment, and an outrageous devalued currency (peso). These immigrants still believe in The American Dream, they are illiterate, they don't read the paper and books to learn that the US is also poor. They don't know that the American wealthy are a minority.

  • Robert perez - 5 months ago

    Why don’t they go to there own government and ask for help their own government should help them.

  • Umut Karzai - 5 months ago

    People seem to think, that America owes everyone something and I'll be very BLUNT we OWE YOU NOTHING!! Absolutlely NOTHING at ALL!! We owe our citizens and eligible permanent residents no one else!! I'll even go a step further every male member of that caravan should be allowed to take one step onto American soil and then send them to Federal Prision while they await a hearing treat them like the CRIMINALS they are!!
    You know a wall will be great, but landmines would also work.. So would other deadly weapons, if need be not for the women and children, but the men!! A few dead illegals and they would soon get the message and run in the opposite direction as fast as their little feet and legs could carry them.
    I am not sorry for saying what I have said NO ONE, but AMERICANS have CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS in America! Go away and don't come back!! Uneducated illiterate illegal immigrants are a DRAG and a DRAIN on the American nation and economy GO HOME your NOT WANTED in America!! By the way the country is called America by everyone outside of Latin America and the citizens are called Americans by everyone outside of Latin America so get used to it!! With our military being rebuiltand revitalized get used to IT!!!

  • 3rd generation mexican american - 5 months ago

    We can't help the thousands of homeless in our country. Google it! 114, 000 homeless living in california and the same numbers in other major cities. Our taxes are through the roof. The US deficit is in the trillions. We have passed our capacity. These migrants are under the wrong impression that the USA is rich and can help them, but the truth is we are not able.
    How many can each of you take into your homes?

  • Juan - 5 months ago

    Arm them, train them and send them back to fight for their own country.

  • Bliss Wilson - 5 months ago

    In general, México tries to be generous to immigrants. Not only does it welcome us gringos, but it took in Jews fleeing the Nazis when other "moral" countries would not. There is no easy solution here. Compared to Mexico, the US immigration policies are a disorganized mess. That being said, the US is thrashing about with it's own problems and many of our retirees are immigrating elsewhere. I wish the US would assist our poor neighbors through leadership and funding to develop good programs and jobs, but I doubt that will happen.

  • Mark - 5 months ago

    Certainly there are those in this "mob" who are in danger in there own country...they are now free from the danger they are fleeing from. Can Mexico take care of them?...some perhaps...can the US take care of them?...flat out NO! Why? Because we are already overwhelmed and overburdened with millions of Mexicans who have broken our immigration laws by entering our country illegally. I doubt that any of the gang members (who now threaten our own citizens) into the USA through legal channels. They easily slip through our borders to become part of the growing threat to our country...and if anyone doubts that this mob is not largely made up of young males who are members of these gangs you are not watching the videos!
    Of course there are good people amongst this mobbut if it's asylum they seek, why do they not ask Mexico? The answer is...they're not seeking asylum...the want the US Government to take on the burden of caring for them. This mob just proves the point that we need the WALL now, more than ever!
    The Democrats want them here for their votes!...NOT out of compassion.

  • Douglas K Cumbie - 5 months ago

    Will Mexico become as heartless, corrupt and uncaring as the United States under Trump? I think not. The Mexican people are better than that. Much better.

  • Jessie loco - 5 months ago

    The USA is accountable for immigration

  • John - 5 months ago

    If they are looking for asylum they should be welcomed here in Mexico. Why walk all the way to US. They are safe now!

  • John - 5 months ago

    If they are looking for asylum they should be welcomed here in Mexico. Why walk all the way to US. They are safe now!

  • Laura - 5 months ago

    It's obvious this is an American read newsfeed by the poll answers.....Mexicans are hospitable people who can relate to the horrid life the people of Central America are running from. Americans and short sighted Canadians....your ancestors came across the pond from somewhere too...most were searching for a better life in the Americas because of potato famine, wars, tyranny and just outright poverty....oh yes, some were criminals running away to hide....these are human beings and all human beings on this planet have a right to exist on this planet, whether they are forced to leave there home or not. If that is not true, then what the hell are you doing in Mexico???

  • laurance - 6 months ago

    You are right the migrants need help but Mexico needs control not anarchy. Trump and his cronies are not nice people but neither are the ones that encourage thousands of immigrants to cross borders illegaly.

  • RonMex - 6 months ago

    These people need help. Encouraging them to walk to the US border is wrong. Most will not gain access to the good life they are being promised and many will spend many months separated from their children in internment camps

  • Luis Barbosa - 6 months ago

    The people of Mexico are a caring and generous people, who have empathy for those suffering and fleeing poverty and danger. We have a history of granting asylum to those in need. We should not impede these folks in trying to achieve a better life free from danger and hunger! Hopefully they will find refuge either here or in the U.S., but unfortunately Trump and his base are terrified by these and similar people. Vaya con Dios mi gente.

  • Juan Diaz - 6 months ago

    Mexico does NOT need more problems, We had enough with the rats from prianrd. The shame is on the bad governments who can NOT keep their citizens in. Shame on them because the people was cheated by bad faith politicians, telling them they'll go in USA . IT is not easy !!! USA CAN NOT TAKE PEOPLE JUST LIKE THAT !! Those human rights activists are totally wrong in saying the governments including Mexico have the obligation, the duty of helping them when their bad governments have to act quickly to stop this cheate3d people. Some Democrats politicians try to throw this rock into the President Trump way.

  • Chris - 6 months ago

    Then let Mexico keep them.

  • Robert - 6 months ago

    This is rediclolas

  • George - 6 months ago

    Seems to me these travelers are receiving tremendous support from locals as they pass through towns or stay for the night: food, water, clothes, shoes, etc. I think the Mexican government won’t go against the will of its people with military force.

  • Bill - 6 months ago

    All of you people whining about Trump should read what the two most recent Democratic Presidents had to say... Obama was called the Deporter in Chief... You are all hypocrites. You can’t have unchecked immigration, period. Use your brains not your emotions.

    “All Americans, not only in the States most heavily affected but in every place in this country, are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants. The public service they use impose burdens on our taxpayers. That's why our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring a record number of new border guards, by deporting twice as many criminal aliens as ever before, by cracking down on illegal hiring, by barring welfare benefits to illegal aliens. In the budget I will present to you, we will try to do more to speed the deportation of illegal aliens who are arrested for crimes, to better identify illegal aliens in the workplace as recommended by the commission headed by former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan. We are a nation of immigrants. But we are also a nation of laws. It is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years, and we must do more to stop it.”
    Bill Clinton

    “We all agree on the need to better secure the border and punish employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants. We are a generous and welcoming people here in the United States, but those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law.
    We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked, and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, and lawfully to become immigrants in this country.”
    Barack Obama

  • Bob - 6 months ago

    The US has said they will close the border before letting this caravan in. So, where does that leave these Hondurans? That's right, IN MEXICO. DUH.

  • david a. brandt - 6 months ago

    It appears that neither Mexico nor the United States has the capacity or will to accept them and the many thousands that will follow if they are successful. Yes, they need much assistance, but what is a solution?

  • Claus Pahlke-Cruz Garcia - 6 months ago

    Yes, horrible, it looks like the mayority of the readers of this news paper are Trump fans!

  • John - 6 months ago

    The overwhelming yes votes is an indication of the number of US dumpster fans that follow this site.

  • Kathy Hill - 6 months ago

    Definitely not! These people are refugees, they need help not violence. It will be interesting to see how the outgoing president handles this.

  • Philip Swink - 6 months ago

    They Need help.they are trying to leave suppressive governments.

  • Caseypris - 6 months ago


  • Gillian Macgregor - 6 months ago

    I agree - these are people running for their lives from violence. They need help, not more violence

  • Maria Isabel Siegel - 6 months ago

    They need help not punishment

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