Favourite Book Cover Illustration? (Heat THREE 2018/19) (Poll Closed)

  • BOOK ONE: Piers Torday - The Lost Magician - Book Cover by Ben Mantle/Samuel Perret
    71 votes

  • BOOK TWO: Sophie Anderson - The House with Chicken Legs - Book Cover by Melissa Castrillon
    46 votes

  • BOOK THREE: Gabriel Dylan - Whiteout - Book Cover by Pip Johnson/Stripes Team
    11 votes

  • BOOK FOUR: Gita Trelease - Enchantée - Book Cover by Helen Crawford-White/Rachel Vale
    31 votes

  • BOOK FIVE: Vashti Hardy - Brightstorm: A Sky-Ship Adventure - Book Cover by George Ermos
    88 votes


Posted 7 months.


  • Debbie Grieve - 6 months ago

    A difficult choice because not one, but two of my favourite books are in there. I do love a book cover. Good luck to all these talented illustrators and authors.

  • Erin - 6 months ago

    A truly tough choice. All covers are remarkable and wonderful!

  • @mrslenbob - 6 months ago

    I chose Brightstorm as I love the details and I think it’s really inviting!

  • Asha - 6 months ago

    House with the chicken legs! Brought a tear to my eye!

  • Caroline Cunningham - 6 months ago

    Such a variety

  • Sarah Wilson - 6 months ago

    So hard to choose, love Brightstorm and The House with Chicken legs. Reading Brightstorm with my 12 year old currently :)

  • Nia Talbot - 6 months ago

    So hard to choose.

  • Jo Young - 6 months ago

    Great selection

  • Emma Bennett - 6 months ago

    All great covers but I love the design of Brightstorm. Plus the actual story is awesome.

  • Emma Docherty - 6 months ago

    So many amazing covers, hard to pick!

  • The Rabbit Hole - 6 months ago

    Difficult to choose from this selection as they all represent their stories so well!

  • Vicki Boxall - 6 months ago

    Love the cover of Brightstorm so much that I recreated it in my classroom (we studied the book too)

  • Rach - 6 months ago

    So many beautiful covers!!

  • Gill Waller - 6 months ago

    Love the cover of Brightstorm! Beautiful illustration and totally original.

  • Vix - 6 months ago

    I loved Brightstorn! The cover says it all.

  • Nicola Harvey - 6 months ago

    Such fabulous contenders! Easy vote in the end for me!

  • Megan S. - 6 months ago

    I voted! Thank you so much for the giveaway, BTW. I tweeted here: https://twitter.com/WordsThatStay1/status/1055540185834942464

  • Y6teach - 6 months ago

    Love the intricacy of the sky ship!

  • Sophie Anderson - 6 months ago

    I LOVE all these covers so much! Such talented illustrators and designers :)

  • Liam James - 6 months ago

    I just love the cover of Brightstorm, with its gorgeous colours and that skyship.

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