Are You Planning on Switching from Pathfinder 1e to 2e? (Poll Closed)

  • We already switched to the playtest and will switch to 2e when it is released.
    196 votes

  • We're sticking with 1e for the time being. We anticipate converting over shortly after the new edition is released.
    132 votes

  • Our group is ignoring the playtest, and we will see what the final version is before we decide.
    257 votes

  • It will take years for all the classes/archetypes/feats/spells/etc we enjoy in 1e are in 2e, and we plan to keep with 1e until that happens.
    172 votes

  • We're not switching (tried the playtest and don't like the direction, feel 1e is the perfect game, etc).
    500 votes

  • I don't play Pathfinder 1e now and don't anticipate playing 2e either.
    70 votes

  • Both, thank you.
    114 votes


Posted 9 months.