Has President Trump contributed to climate of hate?

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Posted 6 months.


  • James Roe - 5 months ago

    Consider the mindset of someone wanting to do violence upon society. How does that sick individual choose a target or targets? Compare the intended victims of the bomber with the targets in Trump's speeches. Draw your own conclusion.

  • Common Sense - 5 months ago

    Every President from the dawn of the nation has been lambasted by the People, the media and competing political parties. One of the GREAT things about American democracy is that the People can scrutinize those in power without fear of retribution.

    It's the Presidents job to take the moral high ground, bring the nation together and to go to work for ALL the People. The climate of hate is certainly not Trump's fault, this has existed forever in America, but when the Presidents best solution to a tragedy is to have an armed guard at every house of worship in the country, maybe he should take a long look in the mirror and ask what he can do differently to help the situation.

  • Margie R. - 5 months ago

    Then who is to blame for the Sandy Hook mass shooting? Did we ask the country if then-President Obama was to blame?

  • Robert Hoffman - 5 months ago

    The climate of hate started when Trump started winning the Republican Primaries and the left started their attack on his supporters, or have we forgotten that part? It continued after he won the election by an unhinged left that couldn't handle the fact that he won and it has been fueled by a sharply biased media that no longer can be trusted to actually report the new without a biased slant. I miss the days of Walter Cronkite when the news was honest and straight forward. The Democrats and the media are directly responsible for creating the climate of hate and division in this country, Trump for all his shortcomings didn't create it. Even when he does something right the media and the Democrats look to demonize him and his supporters. Shall we forget Hillary calling all Republicans deplorables, do we turn a blind eye to Maxine Waters inciting violence and hatred, do we just turn a blind eye to what the Democrats just did at the Kavanaugh hearings, do we give Hillary a pass when she says the Democrats can't be civil till they are in power again, do we turn a blind eye to Antifa which to me is a fascists almost Nazi like group of animals? I may be a Democrat but the Democratic party is no longer what it was, I can't blame Trump for the division this country faces, it is my party that is to blame. The Democrats have been hijacked by a dangerous out of control extremist left wing version of what the Tea Party was to the Republicans. The only way, unfortunately, for the Democrats to return to any form of meaningful existence is to lose on the 6th, maybe that will be the wake up call needed to get them refocused. This country needs a 2 party system to avoid becoming a Dictatorship but right now the party on the left is unhinged and scary.

  • Jason Butow - 5 months ago

    The media and democratic party are 100% to blame for the current climate of hate in this country.

  • Terry Raustad I - 5 months ago

    The climate of hate all started when the election results were announced and the results were not accepted by the leadership of the losing parties. We must support our democracy, country and office of the President.

  • Heidi Riley - 5 months ago

    Top down is a very common business term, meaning whatever leadership does is reflected in the output of the company. This is even truer in society. People expect leadership to set the example, define right and wrong, enable them to act. While all those inciting violence and acting out on hateful thoughts are self-determining, they have taken the leadership's implied permission to act out their hatred.

  • David carney - 5 months ago

    Trump isnt responsible for actions of others. The media holds accountability for leaking out lies.

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