Do you think ER wait times will come down once the WRHA's consolidation plan is fully rolled out?

  • Brady - 2 years ago

    To Dwight,

    Remember that it was Filmon and the TORY government who made Hallway Medicine IN THE FIRST PLACE during their long rein from 1988 to 1999, which included the closure of Misericordia's Emergency Room, the loss of acute care services at Misericordia, deleting nursing positions, as well as other changes and the proposed closure of one of Winnipeg's two north-end hospital Emergency Rooms (which thankfully didn't occur) - reference Dec 13, 1995 Winnipeg Free Press and other news articles around the time, if you don't believe me.

    If you notice the above plan in the 1990's sounds like a smaller version of the same plan that Pallister is implementing today (i.e. the closure of both north end hospital ERs and acute care services, the deletion of more nursing positions, and hey, just for fun, why not also close Victoria General's, ER and acure care services, too?)

    The NDP weren't able to completely solve the hallway medicine in 18 years. So what? That's no excuse for re-electing the party who made hallway medicine in the first place. It's like saying you would rather invite an armed burglar to your house than your accountant because you feel you didn't get enough money back on your taxes for the past 18 years.

    But, if you prefer to give another chance to the ORIGINAL, one and only, austerity hallway medicine team (i.e. the Tories), unfortunately, you got your wish! Give the Tories 18 years and maybe we will have Parking Lot medicine.

  • Dwight - 2 years ago

    When the NDP came into power they were boasting "We will solve hallway medicine in 6 months". Remember that? Well the NDP were given almost 18 years to make good on their campaign slogan and eventually failed miserably. And this is after pumping hundreds of millions of tax dollars into health care and creating a bloated over priced bureaucracy. The NDP totally mismanaged the Health Care portfolio. Effective changes to health care will now run into significant "push back" and this will delay the process of change. Bureaucracies and unions are notorious for obstructing positive changes. It's still early and I think it will eventually take a more reasonable amount of time and patience to turn around the Health Care file and start to show positive changes and results. After all…. the NDP were given 18 years.

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