Do you support moving Halloween to the last Saturday in October?

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  • Lisa christensen - 1 year ago

    Ridiculous. Its a spiritual holiday. Not to be tossed about for the sake of convenience.

    Also when its on a weeknight there is way less partying and shenanigans by the teenagers ???? win win.

  • Shaleen - 1 year ago

    Halloween has been fine the way it is. Sorry but I think some people are just bunch of pansy's. Why wreck it for others. Halloween on the 31 should stay thank you.

  • Cece - 1 year ago

    This is a religious, holy celebration for a lot of people, it’s not just about candy. If you don’t like it, don’t partake.

  • brandi scott - 1 year ago

    you simply do Not go messing with religious holidays .. has been a pagan holiday for centuries, far far longer than it has been an evening for children to dress up and collect treats .. this whole idea just shows a lack of respect, in my opinion.

  • Jaymie McCaslin - 1 year ago

    Halloween is also a religious holiday for pagans, so I'm kind of salty that the commercial aspect of it is overriding the fact that it's an actual date, like Christmas and Hanukkah, for a reason. If individual communities want to house 'Halloween Nights' on their own that fall on the weekend, that's one thing, but this notion of 'changing Halloween to x day because it's more convenient for me as a parent' is ridiculous. It's not a statutory holiday, but it is a religious one. Try having a little respect for something that's been around for centuries.

  • Kelly - 1 year ago

    Make nov 1 a holiday so no one has to go to school or work you can’t change the date! It’s tradition

  • Dianne - 1 year ago

    Halloween shouldn’t be changed. If anything they could make it a Statutory holiday

  • A - 1 year ago

    I could see starting it earlier like 4 but not on a whole different day

  • K - 1 year ago

    This is absolutely ridiculous, first, you mess with our National Anthem and now you want to mess with our holidays, give your bloody head a shake! I ask you, how much more is this country going to change? Halloween is on the 31st of October, deal with it. As for the adults who are complaining about it making it difficult for the kids in school, I call B.S.! Kids are excited to talk with all their friends about how much candy and what kind they got with all their friends, it's the adults who go out to the party's and have a hangover who have to get up to go to work/teach that have the problems, if you want to party with the ghouls and goblins and have a hangover the next day, maybe you shouldn't drink so much! I believe and I am one of them that if Halloween is moved, I won't be handing out candy any other day BUT Halloween Night! I mean seriously what's next?

  • S - 1 year ago

    This is so stupid! Halloween has a history and a meaning, you can’t just move it to a different date because it is inconvenient!

  • Me - 1 year ago

    Leave Halloween alone!!! It's always been on October 31st and hasn't been an issue until now! Do you really think that schools won't have a Halloween celebration for the kids just because it's changed to a different day? How many years/decades/centuries has it been celebrated on October 31st and never bothered anyone? It's time to put a stop to all the "Snowflakes" needing everything changed to accommodate them!!!!

  • Commenter83 - 1 year ago

    Yes! Makes for planning all around better. People are going to party regardless during the weekends around Halloween. It's much better for planning kids events, making time to go to events and to have family and friend gatherings.

  • A - 1 year ago

    Kids have soooo many pro d days in a year... make nov 1st one!

  • Joe Gill - 1 year ago

    A better way to make Halloween is make Nov. 1st a holiday.

    It's the second biggest event of the year next to Christmas and is not treated in same category as other holidays.
    I've noticed even for those don't participate they still enjoy watching kids and adults and seeing Halloween celebrations.

  • Heather Parker - 1 year ago

    To much temptation to have parties causing problems later on.

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