What is most relevant in the world of k-pop? (Poll Closed)

  • The 2018 MAMA Awards
    106 votes

  • The latest boring and untrue plagiarism accusation
    43 votes

  • Somebody at some company did a thing
    178 votes

  • Those crazy [insert identity group here] are at it again
    57 votes

  • Gosh look at what is charting now, oh my
    111 votes

  • The above "balloon focus" NCT fancam
    382 votes


Posted 8 months.


  • Jara - 7 months ago

    I have to admit, I first clicked on this article because the embedded video kind of looked like a Japanese Imperial Rising Sun flag, and I thought there was some new rising sun netizen mess in Kpop. I didn’t watch the video, so I don’t know if it’s true, but I assume it’s not, which is sort of disappointing actually.

  • whatislifejustkillmepls - 7 months ago

    i have exams next week and i have to pass them or i get kicked out of china and i didn't keep up with kpop for months what's happening idk apparently the mama awards are soon i dont even know any of the people that are nominated i need help pls

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