Favourite Book Cover Illustration? (HEAT FOUR) (Poll Closed)

  • Book One: Nick Cook - Fractured Light - Book Cover Illustrated by Ryan Schwarz
    69 votes

  • Book Two: Amy Wilson - Snowglobe - Book Cover Illustration by Helen Crawford-White
    62 votes

  • Book Three: Candy Gourlay - Bone Talk - Book Cover Illustration by Kerby Rosanes
    20 votes

  • Book Four: Philip Reeve - Night Flights - Book Cover Illustration by Ian McQue
    14 votes

  • Book Five: Jarrett Lerner - REVENGE OF THE ENGINERDS? - Book Cover Illustration by Serge Seidlitz
    17 votes


Posted 2 weeks.


  • Erin - 2 days ago

    All choices are incredibly unique and eye catching! A hard choice!

  • Emma O'Brien - 4 days ago

    Had to be Bone Talk - so unique

  • Sue - 6 days ago

    All covers are great!

  • Karen Everitt - 6 days ago

    One of the most difficult book cover wars. Drawn to Snow Globe, appreciate Bone Talk, but Philip Reeves next Mortal Engines installment has just arrived, so I've had all week to admire it!

  • Samantha Thomas - 1 week ago

    Had to be snowglobe. The cover is beautiful and captures the magic of the story witjin

  • Nicki Cleveland - 2 weeks ago

    Finally! A week where I didn't have to think twice about it.

  • Tabby Cat - 2 weeks ago

    Amy Wilson's Snowglobe cover gives the Christmas feels to my Grinch heart!

  • @mrslenbob - 2 weeks ago

    It has to be Snowglobe. I got a massive ‘oooh’ from my class when I showed them it! Plus it’s absolutely beautiful!

  • Mandy - 2 weeks ago

    Love Philip Reeve anyway & the cover of this new book just draws you in!

  • K. M. Lockwood - 2 weeks ago

    It HAS to be Kerby Rosanes' astonishing, intricate work for 'Bone Talk': a Philippino artist for a Philippino book!

  • Mrs L Cook - 2 weeks ago

    A really tough decision this round, but I'm always a sucker for monochrome!

  • Emma Docherty - 2 weeks ago

    Was really torn here as all the covers are beautiful in their own way! In the end I went for the one that was the most appealing to me and my tastes!

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