Were you offended by Oprah's comments?

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Posted 10 months.


  • CT - 9 months ago

    Oprah was right. Use your right to vote if you are afforded the opportunity.

  • Kedesha - 9 months ago

    Hi Rod, Light of Life Karen,
    As an immigrant from Jamaica growing in Miami nobody talked about politics. It was not until I graduated High school and joined the army, that I
    realize how important it was. Also that's when I realized I had no say in the matter. I wasn't a citizen. (Funny how many people that are not from this country, fight an die for it.) I didn't get my citizenship until May 2012, and best believe I exercised my hard obtained right to vote. Long story short I'm with you Rod, fuck those who just threw their rights away, and continue to be apart of the problem. And no, I was not offended at all by Oprah's comments. She wasn't talking to me. Love you both

  • Blue Wave Rider - 9 months ago

    NO, I was not offended by Oprah's comments. The fact the we keep having to remind Black people about our struggle for sufferage is both a failure of our educational system (no surprise) and an unwillingness study and understand the history of our people. I'm amazed at some black folk's willingness to give up their power and voice. Can't they see that after 60 yrs of "freedom" the Republicans are secretly rolling back the odometer on progress. You've said it before, the right to vote is the only thing these politicians fear, and they coming up with different ways to slowly and subtly take it back.

    These super sensitive, milk toast, snowflake Negros need sack up and get in the fight before they find themselves and us back on the literal plantation.

    I surprised you haven't gone in on Candace Bae and the rest of these Neo-whatevers that so easily espouse the Republican talking points.

    Stay black and stay woke!

  • Chala - 9 months ago

    message 2: The fist emoji I posted was Black (giving side eye)

    Love y'all!

  • Chala (pronounced Chay-la) - 9 months ago

    Nigga. I had to stop listening to write this comment. I was born and raised in Houston, TX; last year I spent 6 months living in LA. Guess what I ate everyday for 4 1/2 months? TACOS!!! Ever single taco I ate was delicious! You cannot get a better taco anywhere in this country. Sorry Texas, but CA won the Taco Battle. The onliest place that may have better tacos is Mexico. By the time you read this on the feedback show I will have been in LA for 6 days, and I will have had tacos everyday. I'm excited because I’m staying in a new area and get to try new tacos! I hope you tried fish tacos (super delish).
    As for vote shaming, niggas who vote don't feel shame. Thank you for addressing that ✊????

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