After critical video emerges, what do Sens do now?

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  • Sleemen - 11 months ago

    Rebuilding People.....I don't take to social media that much. Seems like a senseless waste of time. Having said that, we are trying to rebuild a team. What's the big deal? I mean you caught a glimpse of employees talking out what needs to change. Weather it's in the form of negativity, I'm sure there would have been a conversation about it it meeting, video review, all of the above. But no, some dumb glorified taxi driver decides to post the conversation on social media and look what happens. Senseless waste of I am pulled in.

    What makes me mad the most is Ottawa's own local paper (you know which one) will not take down the video. Will not let it go. Sure the underside of this is privacy issue, but we are trying to rebuild a team and the players involved, right or wrong, will never stay when they don't even get the support from the city's newspaper.

    I for one don't want to see one of them get traded. Don't even want to talk about this or see it in the news for weeks. The press is just holding on to any little piece of news for what, sell papers, have them watch their show. It's crazy and dumb and we should just let the team deal with it. Give it up and move on.....Newspapers are a thing of the past and maybe we should all just boycott buying that local newspaper.

    Thomas Chabot, Dylan DeMelo, Matt Duchene, Alex Formenton, Chris Tierney, Colin White and Chris Wideman, Hold your head high guys. You got caught based on a person trying to capitalize on you're fame. Martin Raymond, don't be too hard on them. Maybe give them a few line drills with garbage cans. (Hockey Players know what I mean)

    Please let's just stop this discussion, let the team deal with it and watch some hockey develop. That's is all we need to concern ourselves with. We are not on the ice, behind the bench or even in the meeting to discuss strategy. It's the first year of rebuild and if we have any hopes at retaining or attracting good players, we need to stop worrying about off-ice drama. It's the on ice product that counts. That is of course you want to lose a NHL team in Ottawa. Rebuilding People... give it some time.

  • Dawn - 11 months ago

    They are talking about what goes on from their perspective. It is unfortunate they couldnt say it to the coaches. Talk directly to who you have the problem with. Might not be possible here, I dont know. However my thoughts are if you havent paid attention in 3 weeks, maybe thats the reason the PK and Powerplay is the shits...Just a thought

  • Retep - 11 months ago

    It's pretty surprising that these kids are lacking enough common sense to assume that the car is equipped with an operational camera of some sort as a security measure in case the driver gets robbed or assaulted. I'm an old fart who grew up before all this technology shite came along and I even assume that there are cameras watching me in nearly every public place - commercial vehicles included.

    These guys are also pretty damned arrogant. I'm thinking that this group of players are probably having a negative impact on the team and it's morale with this holier-than-thou bullshit they have. Some strong but fair and logically administered discipline is necessary to turn things around.

  • steven - 11 months ago

    When will you learn that Uber is just bad business all round…..Keep taking your Uber people, another proof of UBER JUST DOESN’T CARE.

  • Bruno - 11 months ago

    This shop talk goes on everywhere always has always will, the fact they got caught on CANDID CAMERA is telling of today's society and that you're vulnerable and must be careful wherever.
    Somebody's Watching You!

  • Evan - 11 months ago

    I say you get to put skates on the Uber driver and rub him out in the corners for a bit. Those guys were more than courteous to him and then he pulls a bullshit move like posting this shit?

  • Tom - 11 months ago

    How about "all of thee above!?"

  • Connie - 11 months ago

    We all speak about our place of employment so fix the problem, that what’s make your business better.

  • Jon Boz - 11 months ago

    Its unfortunate in this day and age with cameras all over the place to be able to just say what your heart wants to say and to be real having a conversation amongst friends in a cab. So sit there and not talk because someone wanting a chance to post a video with audio on the internet,, and stab these guys in the back some way. Common people where is our humanity here, the person who should be in big trouble is the driver who posted the audio and video online without their consent, and not informing them audio was being recorded as it is law to do so. Back to the basics, or lets all just sign our souls over and not live freely to voice our opinions. Grow up society nit pickers! Leave good old boy conversations genuine!

  • Jack - 11 months ago

    The real story here is that there can no longer be any pretense that this group of juveniles is a "Team". They show no respect for themselves and certainly none for their Team as a whole of for the fans that pay their salaries. Clearly the Senator's attempts at team-building are not working so another approach is required. What has happened here must be addressed immediately and strongly; failure to do so simply prolongs a situation which is also a failure of leadership. This "Team" will not likely reach even the low bar it has obviously set for itself..

  • USA SUCKS - 11 months ago

    You silly fuckers.

  • Jennifer Hultin - 11 months ago

    Since this incident took place in Phoenix in an Uber, despite what Uber's policy states, it is considered a public place. There is no expectation of privacy in a cab; therefore there is no need for consent on the part of those being taped. The driver broke no laws. Let's hope these gentlemen learn something from this experience, such as open, honest communication with their coaching staff and perhaps they can come up with some solution as to what ails their team. Animosity and resentment never helped anyone.

  • Why the fuck is this even on the media? - 11 months ago

    Why would you even post a private conversation on media? This is bullshit. Unless this was directly being said to the coach I say take this down. Invasion of privacy much? Whatever happened to private conversations? Retarted world we live in. No freedom of speech or privacy. Silly fuckers

  • Tara - 11 months ago

    Considering they believed they were having a private conversation, they didn’t know or agree to being taped, I think a closed door convo is all that is warranted. If all of our private conversations were taped and played out all over social media, we would all be in trouble! And Who knows maybe there is some value in some of what they have said and that going forward can potentially see some changes made that maybe make a difference.

  • Robert Grose - 11 months ago

    Dissolve their contracts

  • canada sucks - 11 months ago

    You silly fuckers.

  • Jake - 11 months ago

    These young men need to seriously look at their behavior and contemplate that they may be in the wrong and need to make a better effort at being adults. Own your actions, make a better effort to be positive. It just might help in the long run.

  • Mike - 11 months ago

    If you guys are ok with a young player like Thomas saying this shit then they are issue because I now belive he will never try and learn or try and get better.

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