Do you support the legalization of marijuana for recreational use?

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Posted 8 months.


  • Garry Montgomery - 7 months ago

    just more pandering to the weak-minded recreational users and junkies alike. Why do we as a people need poison in our systems recreationally? Play a sport. Even chess will show how weak a marijuana user's brain is. And what effects will the smoke have on the user's lungs and other organs? Alcoholics die from liver failure so let's see what the majority of junkies die from while being treated from the public purse . . .

  • Jeff - 8 months ago

    Robert you are wrong about the US states. Huge and growing problem among high school students. Underage pot use is now skyrocketing. Studies report users as young as 11 are using. Arrests are up and graduation rates are down. Do some research. The children are going to suffer so adults can get high. I don’t personally care about adults with mature brains using but when it comes to kids, legalization was a big mistake.

  • Charlie - 8 months ago

    Legalize now. It would cut a huge chunk of profit stream from the narcos.

  • George - 8 months ago

    Sure, why not? Just another hit on the cartels. Just make sure the penalties for being under the influence is as severe as being drunk behind the wheel, committing violence, public “intoxication” as a menace to others, etc.

    The only issue is perhaps there’s no way yet to measure the level of impairment under the influence of marijuana as there is for alcohol. They need to work on that.

  • Shar - 8 months ago

    Heck yes! Legalize it already! It has been around for centuries & proven to be helpful to/for various medical conditions. It may slow down some of the drug cartels, but there will always be an illegal substance in demand & always buyers!

  • Melvin, Shari Taylor - 8 months ago

    Very dangerous, I’ll advised activity.

  • Wes - 8 months ago

    Canada and numerous states in the United States have already legalized the use for recreational uses without any major problems. I already know many individuals that partake.. Here in Mexico I, personally, think that it is only a matter of time before Mexico follows the US and Canada.................

  • Juan Diaz - 8 months ago

    Main point should be to eliminate drug cartels trough legalization. It will be great ,no more crimes, shootings, drug dealings, etc. No more organized crime.

  • Rocky - 8 months ago

    I live in Washington state and Jalisco. Legal marijuana is working just fine up here in Washington.

  • Sahara - 8 months ago

    Legalization will reduce the corruption with the criminals. It's already proven that it has medicinal values. If it's sold in stores, it can be taxed.

  • Robert - 8 months ago

    Yes. I’m really not in favor of drugs in general, and don’t intend to use marijuana, but it certainly seems no worse than alcohol. In addition legalization reduces criminal involvement and opens the way for taxation. Colorado and Oregon are doing fine with it.

  • Figaro - 8 months ago

    It is the sensible and correct thing to do.

  • Figaro - 8 months ago

    It is the sensible and correct thing to do.

  • frank - 8 months ago

    Big Brother, leave us alone....prohibition NEVER works!

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