Do you think the Galactics and the Spiritual Hierarchy are doing enough to assist humanity?

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  • No

  • Uncertain


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  • Mary - 1 year ago

    We need help on the physical plain here on Earth, especially in the USA with chem-trails, GMO food, viruses, diseases, vaccines, false flags, manipulation of our weather, hurricanes, major fires, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.
    My husband has stage 4 melanoma cancer and has maybe one year and 4 more months to live says his doctor. My sister, my brother, and myself had cancer and they ruined my lungs with the abrasive radiation. My friend has Lou Garons disease, another has Parkinson's disease. My brother in law just died from Parkinson's disease and my daughter in law's father just died from Parkinson's disease. My nephew is autistic from the measles vaccine.
    WE NEED THE MED BEDS NOW. Cobra from the Resistance Movement said that the Light forces have not done enough. I agree. I am sure they have done a lot that we are not aware of but do not realize how much the people on this Planet are suffering.

  • Camlo Ram - 1 year ago

    we have reached the point of inflection and should not continue waiting, the intervention must be immediate, the Cabal will never take a step back.

  • Maurizio - 1 year ago

    State sereni, calmi.
    Continuate a fare del Vs. meglio nel quotidiano,
    Se potete aiutate che vi sta vicino e vedrete che la transizione al meglio arriverĂ  in batter d'occhio.

  • Don Malot - 1 year ago

    My heart knows that the Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, Blue Avian’s, Arcturians, Andromedans, White Hats, New Republic, Q, and Anon are all working together and coordinating our release from bondage her on planet Earth. They are also having to work around the Law of non Interference with a developing race, which we still are. They are however receiving Divine Dispensation when the Creator steps in, as the Dark Ones are still refusing to leave quietly. (* if you had caused this much destruction in the universe, would you want to go home and see mom and dad. ; )

  • Bonita - 1 year ago

    Things are shifting rapidly - The greater the chaos - the greater the shift! We have now past the tipping point. Humanity is shifting, our bodies are morphing into light bodies, we are all feeling the affects physically, emotionally and our awareness is awakening to new heights.

    What we hear of is just the tip of the iceberg. So much more is going on that we are not privy to yet,

    So yes. I feel the Galactics and Spiritual Hierarchy are with us constantly, facilitating the Shift as we move through 4th dimension into 5th and beyond.

  • Randall Eaton, Ph.D. - 1 year ago

    We need full galactic disclosure as soon as the indictments are delivered and arrests are made especially of the cabal in the US.

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