Do you agree with the decision to send Terri-Lynne McClintic from a healing lodge back to prison?

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Posted 5 months.


  • "Correction" versus "Vengence" - 4 months ago

    How terribly "American Redneck" to demand that we use the "Corrections" department for "punishment and vengeance" rather than treating the behaviour behind the actions.

    I must assume everyone who wanted her back in a cell rather than getting any amount of mental treatment to correct her problems would also be in favour of taking a sturdy leather belt off to their kids if they spill a glass of milk in the kitchen, rather than taking them aside and talking to them about the importance of paying attention, being careful and not rushing around.

    Punishment and Vengence, versus "Correction"... the typical signal of a low-mentality, blue-collar (trailer park trash) population, rather than an educated, informed and enlightened set of humans.

  • Gary W Davies - 4 months ago

    It is a reflection of the absurdity of our judicial system to even consider letting her leave a prison.

  • A Lincoln - 4 months ago

    At this time there were at least 67 non-humans who voted. Some people have no ethics, I guess.

  • D Trump - 4 months ago

    COME ON NOW .. How could this poll be anything else than 100% yes?

    Or are non humans allowed to vote!!!

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