Did Apple make the right decision removing the iPad Pro's headphone jack?

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Poll posted 10 months ago.


  • Walter Lomax - 3 months ago

    I wouldn't buy one without headphone jack. I'm a musician and while the wife's watching tv. I listen to music with headphones on . It's so obvious why any I-pad needs one.

  • Larry - 8 months ago

    Any device in the category of an iPad should have, not only a headphone jack but ALSO a microphone input jack. There are tons of ways to ‘communicate’ via these devices and they are ‘crippled’ without these input/output connections.

  • Lance Campeau - 9 months ago

    Apple is out of fresh ideas and even the die hard users are tiring of Apple's blatant planned obsolescence / crippleware tactics. Mark my words friends... Apple's stock is finally on the other side of the mountain.

  • Bill - 9 months ago

    I stopped buying new phones as soon as they removed the headphone jack, with the BS story that they "needed the space", even on the 7+ which had more space and also someone on YouTube retrofitted a jack into the space that was supposedly needed. Apple have lost the plot, they expect people to use Bluetooth when some of us cannot or simply don't want to, so then it's 1) use Lightning headphones for iPhone, 2) use normal headphones for Macs and now 3) USB-C for iPad pro. For a company that wanted to unify the software across all devices, the hardware division seem to be doing a fine job of the opposite.

  • Jim Loffler - 9 months ago

    I'm so disappointed that Apple has taken the audio jack off of the new iPad as well as the iPhones.
    As a business person and music lover I am constantly using my jack for telephone, headphone usage and connection to cars, boats and audio systems to play music. Bluetooth is buggy and doesn't always work correctly while the jack is a true open and simple connection that is fast and always works. Apple just put earbud sales before the true needs of their customers.
    The pigtail adapters so stupid and the most ridicules thing apple has ever devised, Steve Jobs would never have let that ship sail. BRING BACK THE JACK APPLE. Jim

  • Wally - 10 months ago

    If Apple were a shoemaker, they convince everyone it was good to remove wheelchair ramps.

  • Dale - 10 months ago

    Give me a device I can use to create music on the go and name your price. I'd gladly pay an extra $200 for a headphone jack, but I know apple is too narcissistic to do it. I thought companies profit by adding value. What value is added by removing the jack from pro devices?

    Whether a headphone jack or not people who like Bluetooth can use it. Value is only being removed for people who NEED a separate audio port. I for one use an app called beatmaker 3. Apple is preventing me from being able to make music on the go. If I come up w an idea and need to track something, I need latency free signal processing. I was ready to upgrade from my iPad mini but now I'm honestly pissed.

    Is Apple is trying to bully pros into switching to bt? Bizarre and not gonna work. Pro devices have jacks. This is no longer for professionals.

  • D - 10 months ago

    Indifferent, since I have said adios to Apple.

  • percussionking - 10 months ago

    at least they're finally willing to admit it was never really about space. i called BS when the 2018 Ford expedition came without aux input port like they couldn't have found space in that monster for one

  • Frustrated Editor - 10 months ago

    I had been chewing on the idea of an enterprise purchase by switching from a MacBook Pro to an iPad Pro for work, but this move has all but guaranteed my departure from Apple hardware.

    When I started college, Apple was proudly riding on their reputation of being a brand that wasn't for everyone, but for those that knew how to use it, their computers would provide the best media creation environment available.

    Nowadays, Apple is trying their hardest to get away from that reputation and building a new one as a company known for sourcing technology to create iDevices that are so easy to use that baby boomers who used to ground their children for being on the computer for more than an hour at a time can intuitively use it.

    That's fine and dandy for phones or entry-level products, but Apple needs to step back from their Brave New World goals and listen to their customers again. Give the professionals that actually use Pro series tools a hot product again and include a 3.5 (or dare I dream a balanced output) with a quality DAC. Heck, even a low/high gain switch would be welcomed by every single person in my office.

  • knight photo - 10 months ago

    Time to buy Samsung yet again. At least the Korean are smart enough to understand the demand for a headphone jack! Apple, what are you guys smoking in the board room?

  • SK OOI - 10 months ago

    DUMB decision by Apple. Apple want to reduce battery capacity to get to thin iPad and iPhones but they want to use lots of battery to transmit via Bluetooth. Indeed a couragous decision by Apple to declare to the world that Apple is DUMB. Those Apple executives are not worth what they are paid!

  • IggySmalls - 10 months ago

    Some pro musicians use iPads with several MIDI devices using a USB hub and power for the device, plus the jack for high quality audio. (Latency of BT absolutely not an option). So now Apple's made it so one needed I/O option is taken from the USB chain in order to monitor. How exactly is this more Pro than previous? Now I'm sure someone will say "well I never do anything but play FlappyBird soo..." Yeah that's great but the name of the device is 'Pro' not the iPad Joe Average Wanker soo....

    I'm personally tired of this trend of removing function from devices for no real reason. Another mm of thinness is not a legit reason.

    Kind of funny (and sad) how Apple users are probably more likely to be in the environmental concerned camp, yet many will then turn around and argue NBD that companies need to make more and more and more plastic landfill do-dads each time they get suckered by a new dongle type.

    The downsides of removing I/O ports are many but the benefits...

    ...wait, what benefit other than Apple's profits. There hasn't been a single legit benefit yet, just metric s-tons more plastic iGarbage.

  • Les Wood - 10 months ago

    Two USB-C or retain the old headphone jack

  • craig gottschalk - 10 months ago

    If there were a way to charge the iPad at the same time as using wired headphones, I wouldn't care. Maybe a splitter dongle? But if not, this was really DUMB Apple. While I use my iPad for many things, the one thing I use it most for is watching videos. Now I can't use my wired headphones when the battery gets low. Think I will sit this one out, and keep my 10.5" pro.

  • Donn - 10 months ago

    No longer interested in Apple products. In this case Apple deciding to not have a headphone jack in an iPad Pro. I can plug "my" Pro into my car sound system and play through the speakers or plug in an inexpensive headphone or earbuds any time I want. I see this as a backward step. This is not well thought out. There are other manufacturers of similar products who are not after the last buck they can squeeze out of their customers.

  • Disgrunted apple user - 10 months ago

    Its a big fat Downgrade! Im still sticking with the 6s phone because its the only iphone that still has the jack. I like to load my device and listen to music wireless to my headset. Not over bluetooth (too small range) but radio signal... i can walk out of the house and still enjoy music. Not bound to tiny bluetooth range. Usb-c dongle stuff is a mess!
    Every manufacturer has (digital vs analogue) has its own way. They dont work if you mix em up... I mean if you need a dongle for an essential function of your ipad, phone, mac pro this is actually very bad makes unnecessary slow connection, cant load simultanously... and have to pay more for it. No thanks

  • Epski - 10 months ago

    What headphone jack? ????

  • Cristian - 10 months ago

    The new version of pro iPads only for show off not practical. Oh as for the price I can buy 3 pc s

  • Ami S - 10 months ago

    It is very good to remove but at least give us a cable that will allow us to charge and listen at the same time.

  • User - 10 months ago

    I'm indifferent to the presence or absence of the headphone jack but I can't overlook inconsistency between products. Apple should remove the headphone jack from MacBooks as well then.

  • Handshakes - 10 months ago

    I am paying thousands of dollars for a PRO device that has no basic features? Especially since I don't care how much thinner it makes it. It's gonna be in a case anyway! Come on APPLE!

  • Bangkok Bob - 10 months ago

    USB-C is enough and a big step in right direcrion.

  • Mike B - 10 months ago

    The only advantage I experienced with the headphone jack was when I was traveling. It allowed me to used a splitter and watch a movie with the person sitting next to me.

    To me, support for pairing multiple bluetooth headsets should go hand-in-hand with removal of the headphone jack. It has taken away my ability to share the device.

  • skant - 10 months ago

    Really!, a poll on this topic!? It's a slow news day at 9to5

  • James Tallon - 10 months ago

    Honestly it was a factor in me buying a 10.5 from a family friend. I lost my headphone jack on my phone a few years back and had been using my Air 2 as a source of music while at work. That was getting long in the tooth and needed to be replaced. I went with a 10.5 because there is more than enough processor headroom in it AND I get to keep the headphone jack.

    Plus I only need to carry one type of cable...

  • Gerd - 10 months ago

    It was just necessary because of the small bazzles and slim design, or would you prefer +0,3cm of thickness??

  • Gerd - 10 months ago

    It was just necessary because of the small bazzles and slim design, or would you prefer +0,3cm of thickness??

  • Jeffrey - 10 months ago

    You know I don't really know what do I feel to Apple nowadays. Envy the fact they are able to make consumers agree with their preposterous marketing strategy, or hate them for removing something just for the sake for removing/business purposes. Its just making me sad that whatever big company does, Apple in this case, will always get their support, brilliant or ridiculous. What's ever sadder is the trend is not only for consumer, even other phone company is copying those stupid trend

  • Bench - 10 months ago

    Wired music is always better and there is enough space in there to satisfy the 36% of people who wanted it

  • Bryn - 10 months ago

    You really should subdivide the results so it’s easier to see people’s motivation and to help others form opinions.
    Eg. I own the device and don’t miss it; I own the device and wish it had one; This is stopping me from buying the device; I don’t own the device, don’t plan on buying one, but here’s my opinion.

    I don’t own the device,

  • space mammoth - 10 months ago

    Wireless prevents accidental dropping.

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