Daily Poll: Who won last night's debate on proportional representation?

  • Leona - 2 years ago

    Fptp enabled a party to go without sitting for a majority of the year without any consequences to stop the inaction of the sitting gov.
    The liberals appear to have lost the debate with the pretense of not understanding the new proposals for voting
    I rather like the feeling that the liberals admit to being too stupid to understand the pro rep.

  • Alan Tapper - 2 years ago

    With all the rapid political l changes taking place all over the western world. The B..C. Liberals have elected a Leader who is living in the past. The word Progressive is not in his vocabulary.:

  • Megan W Ardyche - 2 years ago

    This poll has no validity because it allows people to vote more than once. Therefore, the BC Liberals (or anyone) can stack the deck if they have the resources to do it. I have no doubt some lowly BC Liberal staffer has orders to keep an eye on the poll and make sure Mr. Wilkinson stays ahead by repeatedly voting. However, there is no mention here, but Andrew Wilkinson PROMISED A CITIZEN'S ASSEMBLY, and he promised it more than once. Let's hold him to that if PR doesn't win this time. Oh wait, under first past the post, there's no way to hold a 'majority' government accountable for anything. This so-called debate showed us exactly why proportional representation is so necessary - to ensure there is some kind of civil debate in our Legislature. The debate was a farce and this poll is corrupted.

  • Kenneth McLaren - 2 years ago

    This was a controlled farse! to say at the start what each of the PR system we can choose from was very good,then the moderator,Linda Steel said that they will cut the mic if someone was talking over the other? The only time Horgan was talking over Wilkinson was when Horgan was trying to get a word in answering the question. This is typical of the Liberals supported by the Media! Anyone who see this would know it was a sham, a phoney set up within that studio then Global along with CKNW came out with Wilkinson won,Exactly what i wrote in the comments on the province and cknw stating they would do this against Horgan! If we are going to be serious about governance in BC the media had better have more control of debates not shilling for their party! Really time for media reform within politics! Vote PR and change all of this double teaming of a charade!

  • Vaalea - 2 years ago

    To clarify : right now under first past the post candidates are pre-chosen by the party for the district and the leader is also chosen within the party . An open list ballot which is supported by both NDP and Greens creates more transparency than our current first past the post. Also Wilkinson want to focus on how not EVERY vote counts technically because any party with less than 5% support will not get a seat ....but he also complains that proportional representation will encourage extremism and doesn’t acknowledge how many votes are wasted by first past the post.

    Tell us Wilkinson why first past the post is so great when it results in parties getting in a majority government when they LOST the popular vote.. that is when the “losing” party received more votes than they did .

  • Vaalea - 2 years ago

    FPTP Is too RISKY to keep since it gives false majorities with only 40% of the popular vote. And there is no gerrymandering with proportional representation because the results are proportional to the popular vote. So it doesn’t really matter how the borders are drawn-It will not give one party an unfair advantage in the final results. You still vote for your local representative like you do now, candidates are prechosen by the parties to be on the ballot. Any extra cost for additional MLAs ( only a handful possibly ) will be worth it to avoid the huge costs of policy lurch. Besides BC population keeps growing. That no-PR ads implying proportional representation will somehow results in extremists like Nazism taking control is ridiculous. If you actually look at history the Nazis would’ve gained power MUCH sooner under our current system FPTP-first past the post without having their brownshirts finally gave them the win. First past the post Declares a winner based on ~40% of a supportive vote. 50% plus 1 is very fair for the referendum question. If you aren’t sure which proportional representation system to use then you can just answer question 1 =YES. No more UNproportional representation under FPTP.

  • Brian - 2 years ago

    Donna Stewart is absolutely correct , Andrew Wilkinson is the leader of the provincial liberal party because of a liberal PR party system to elect their leader . Typical liberal ( CONservative ) hypocrisy.

  • Donna Stewart - 2 years ago

    Andrew Wilkinson was uncourth, and the moderator was ineffective, but it was a treat to hear Wilkinson admit that a referendum on a new voting system is a good idea, just not THIS referendum. It was also a treat to hear that if his party had used FPTP to elect a leader, he wouldn't have won! What irony. What good for the goose is not good for the rest of us.

  • Sean - 2 years ago

    As Andrew Wilkinson knows full well, it is Elections BC and an all party committee that would determine the details (boundaries and thus numbers of MLAs in regional or STV ridings) of the PR system chosen by the results of the referendum. If there was a real debate where the speakers weren't allowed to talk over each other and where the speakers were given a reasonable amount of time to explain their points, this would have been made clear. It is Andrew Wilkinson's tactic, and it's a good one, to sow confusion and distrust in the process, even though it is the same process used now for determining electoral boundaries and the number of ridings..

  • Marian Jezik - 2 years ago

    So called "debate" when both men talk and yell at each other at the same time is just a waste of my time and taxpayers money. Tone of "debate" excluded TV audience. Moderators did not step in to guide them in to a format that would actually allow us to hear what they wanted us to know. I shut TV off in 7 minuts.

  • Marian Jezik - 2 years ago

    So called "debate" when both men talk and yell at each other at the same time is just a waste of my time and taxpayers money. Tone of "debate" excluded TV audience. Moderators did not step in to guide them in to a format that would actually allow us to hear what they wanted us to know. I shut TV off in 7 minuts.

  • Brian - 2 years ago

    Someone should remind Andrew Wilkinson that it was basically a PR system that the liberal party used to elect the complete idiot as their misguided leader! And what was with his hard day at the office NO TIE with a white shirt all about ? The guy looks like Alfred E Newman on a carbs diet .

  • Larry - 2 years ago

    I think Andrew Wilkinson won the debate simply because the NDP don't even know how PR would be implemented. John Horgan does not know how many MLA's there would be and how they would represent each different area. I am not saying that PR is not good but the least they could do is tell us the facts on how it will work. Time for them to go back to the drawing board and get the plan in place that people would understand. Any time a politician says we will sort it out after is dishonest and time for us to vote FPTP and get on with it . Andrew Weaver is running the province right now with 3 seats and 17%of the vote. Sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

  • John - 2 years ago

    While I agree that it's time to change the system, and PR makes the most sense, I can't support this referendum as it is because I don't believe the government has any idea how they are goin to do this. If they had come out with an easy to understand and straight forward means of implementing PR, maybe I would feel differently. I want to know who I'm voting for, not leaving it up the fringe parties to decide who will represent me, depending on the election results.

  • frank - 2 years ago

    I can't believe anyone that watched the debate thought Wilkinson won. He is stiff, boring and sounded like a broken record. He does not come across as a dynamic leader. While I don't agree with some NDP policies they seem to be doing a pretty good job at undoing some of the carnage left by the Liberals who are a symbol of what's wrong with this world and why we need change. Credit to Horgan for having the courage to start the change. It will prevent either of these parties, who when given absolute control, from running amuck. It will also force people with opposite and varied interests to learn to work together.

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