Are handsome men facing job discrimination?

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  • CT - 5 years ago

    Some men are fragile. And sometimes, the more power they have, the more fragile they become. Even though one would think that power would equal security, that is not always the case, and for some men, they would believe that they have so much influence and authority, that there will always be someone looking to take their power from them.

    With that being said, if there are two men with equal capabilities, equal resumes, and equal competencies, but one is not as attractive as the other, I believe it is very likely that the attractive man will get the position over the man that is not atractive, because people are bias.
    So if men are in power, and they see an attractive man trying to get in their career, their business, or whatever, they are going to be hesitant to hire them, because their insecurity makes them feel like if given the opportunity, they will be removed from their position of power because they cannot compete with the good looking man that is just as capable.

    So I absolutely believe that it’s possible for attractive men to be discriminated against in the job market.

    Now the number of men that actually face discrimination because they are two good-looking? That might be .... ten people. Ten men in the US didn’t get jobs because they were good looking. Everybody else’s breath stank and didn’t tie their shoes before the interview. Or they had an arrest record. Or they showed up 15 minutes late to the interview talking about they hit traffic. Or literally ANY OTHER REASON.

    I conclude with the following sentence that I believe we can all agree upon: Men are trash.

    Love you guys!

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