Since this time last year, has your average haul length (distance between pickup and delivery) gotten shorter, longer or stayed about the same?


  • Jeff - 6 years ago

    ELD has become nothing more than an ankle bracelet for paroles. Stripped the fun right out of trucking. Has made it more dangerous to be out here on the road. Mental mind set is all about beating the clock. Flexibility has become nonexistent. If you like the ELD great wonderful for you. Different strokes for different folks.

  • Chris Mathieu - 6 years ago

    The HOS warning, and the last 59 minutes of the 14 hour clock force a lot of drivers in the congested areas of Chicago and Indianapolis to rush, driving in an unsafe and inconsiderate manner.. also, the parking on I80 is limited, so we have to take 10 hour rest on shoulder space, which is hazardous and inconvenient.

    Shift time should be 16 or 18, with 12 hours of drive time. It would relieve the "time bomb rush" and allow for better planning of stops in the Midwest.

  • Kipp West - 6 years ago

    The ELD is all about controlling drivers. Now we spend more time away from home and our families. All in the name of safety. We are pushed when we use to stop and stop when we are able to go. Thank you Government bureaucrats!

  • Steve levings - 6 years ago

    Lost about 200.00/wk elf has only profited companies! Drivers health and hometome are destroyed. You saw nolatge truckingcompanies fight it did we!!

  • Keith Schricker - 6 years ago

    I would get extra miles in amlnd run consistently ahead of schedule with paper logs.

    My current situation doesn't afford me home time beyond my 3r turn around.

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